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TimelineBuilder for iPad is a unique and robust app that allows the user to create custom timelines with beginning and ending dates of their choosing, adding events where they want with the ability to manipulate image size and placement. TimelineBuilder is a flexible tool, allowing the user to edit timelines; add, edit and delete events; add or swap images; resize and reposition images and timeline events. TimelineBuilder is ideal for children, teens and families studying any time period in history, science or literature. It is ideal for genealogists to record family lines and progression; for project managers, marketers or any other professional that needs to keep a running timeline of events. KQ TimelineBuilder is THE timeline resource tool that will organize and display chronological events the way YOU want to see them.

Timelines built in TimelineBuilder are saved automatically and can be shared to your image library or emailed.

What's new

TimelineBuilder incorporates several new features that make the app easier to use and more customizable. New features include:

√ Ability to leave description field blank
√ Ability to not include event image
√ Ability to leave ending date blank (defaults to same date)
√ Month abbreviations can be used instead of typing out the full name of the month
√ Accepts multiple date formats including m/d/yy, mm/dd/yyyy, m-d-yy, mm-dd-yyyy, Month Day, YEAR, and more.
√ Buttons for era in timeline settings
√ Buttons for era in event settings
√ Event era buttons are masked based on timeline era settings (BC/AD, BCE/CE, both BC/BCE or AD/CE)
√ Event eras are updated when timeline eras change from BC/AD to BCE/CE or back.
√ More specific date error messages.
√ Timeline auxiliary text moved to bottom center of screen
√ Ability to customize timeline background


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