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Introducing Solar Kit.

A tool that encourages kids to get up and explore. A reference tool for inquiry based learning, designed to support student led inquiry and nurture curiosity. Solar Kit delivers a truly unique AR experience.

Using Apple’s new ARKit framework, Solar Kit allows for visualization and comprehension of concepts other media formats (video and images) simply cannot demonstrate. Scale, distance, relative motion, and relationships.

An innovative Contextual HUD (heads up display) informs you of whatever you happen to be looking at. The tack button locks on to objects and displays more details about the object you focus on.

Solar Kit provides four unique sandbox modes to demonstrate a wide variety of different concepts and information.

Table Mode:
Drop all the planets on your table or floor to compare the size or scale. Observe how the planets are tilted on their axis and compare rotation speeds.

Distance Mode:
Explore a proportionate model of our solar system. How far away is Neptune from the sun compared to earth? You’ll need to take a walk to find out!

Orbit Mode:
Watch and explore our whole solar system in motion all around you. Demonstrate orbit, rotation, and track orbit speeds in relation to each other. Focus on any planet to discover data about each.

Planet Mode:
Choose any planet to explore it’s inner structure and atmosphere. Each planets moon system is included. Focus on anything to reveal its details. Don’t forget to visit the Galilean moons!

Any app that inhabits your environment should be flexible enough to suit your unique space. Solar Kit has both “sitting” or “standing” options to scale the whole experience. Whether you’re sitting at a desk or in a wide open space; Solar Kit fits.

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