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Rega Wordjam-2

Rega Wordjam-2

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RegaWordjam2 gives you the fun of addictive gameplay while sharpening your mind. Reassemble the scrambled words in this interactive app until they make sense. RegaWordjam2 lets you know if you got it right or not. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today.

Staring at the letters laid out on the screen, you think you know the proper word they make. They’re all jumbled up but if you just move one here and there, it all makes sense. You slide all the letters into place and watch the bulbs to see if you got it right. Green means that a letter is in the right position; red means it’s wrong. How’d you do?

RegaWordjam2 has everything you could want in a wordplay app. It’s interactive, demands focus, sharpens your mind and provides hours of addictive game fun. Just rearrange the scrambled letters to come up with the correct word. There are hundreds of words included, so you never have to worry about running out or getting bored. Some of the words are easy and some can be pretty tough, so play often for the practice.

The app is not only tons of fun, it’s also flexible. Discover whether or not you’ve assembled a word correctly by watching the bulb below each letter or switch to “By Word” mode, which only indicates correctness when all of the letters are in the right position.

Playing RegaWordjam2 is a simple matter of using the touch screen interface. Just form the new word by dragging the letters into the set of boxes above the scrambled word.


* Easy, touch screen controls

* 2 play options

* Hundreds of words of varying difficulty

* Stimulates the brain and increases focus

* Has a built-in Help button

* Adjustable defaults

* Background music

* iPhone users can sync with Rega Interactive website to view other products
RegaWordjam2 can play music for you while you play, too. Let it relax or motivate you as you put your brain to work solving the puzzle. If you prefer, the music can be turned off for quiet concentration.

How can you go wrong by improving your mind while having fun at the same time? You can’t! Download your copy of RegaWordjam2 now to get started.

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