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It's Poetry, and it's been Jumbled! Learn (or review) some classic lines of poetry, and put them back in the order the Bard intended.

Currently there are selections from Edgar Allen Poe, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and Lord Byron. We are working on adding additional poets, (and would love suggestions - please e-mail )

On the "easy" level you simply need to fill in about half the "verse" by dragging the word from the mixed up list to the line it should be on.

On the "expert" level you need to fill in the entire "verse".

To obtain 1 star, complete the verse. To get an additional star, complete the verse without a hint. To get an additional star (and get all 3 stars!) you need to finish it in under sixty seconds.

Here are a few samples to get you thinking:

"We few, we _ _ we _ of _"-Shakespeare (band-happy-brothers-few,)

"_ on! Stried on! _ Strike with _ _ --W. Whitman" (vengeful-stroke!-Democracy.-Thunder)

"All _ we _ or _ Is but a _ _ a _"-Poe (see-dream-dream.-that-seem-within)

"_ by an _ full of _ and _" - Macbeth: V,v (sound-Told-fury,-idiot,)

"Cry _ _ let slip the _ of _" - Julius Caesar: III,i ('havoc,'-war;-dogs-and)


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