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Neungyule Voca Planet 2

Neungyule Voca Planet 2

       iOS Universal

Voca Planet Season 2 is available for iPhone and iPad now!

Neungyule Voca Planet 2 provides 
■ a fun and effective way to master the words you will need in school, work, and beyond. 
■ a special method of learning a new word 
i.e. Repetitive exposure to a new word by 3 steps: 
******1. word –> 2. lexical chunk –> 3. sentence***** 
1. [[word]] participate 
2. [[chunk]] participate in … 
3. [[sentence]] How many are to participate in this event? 

- It is a scientifically optimized algorithm to repeat a new word in just the right pattern for your brain’s maximum absorption 
■ a fun way to make you go on to study 
- You can visit many countries around the world on your iPhone/iPod. 
- Once you start, you’ll want to keep going on to study! 

Voca Planet features: 

- 2700+ important words with example sentences demonstrating proper usage of each word 
- Words provided in daily sets 
- Convenient quiz mode for quick and easy self-assessment 
- Natural slide gestures that work like familiar flashcards 
- Professionally recorded audio pronunciations of all the words, chunks, and sentences (All audio files are self-contained within this application. No Internet connection is required) 
- A convenient "Play" mode, so you can just listen and learn, without having to touch the screen all the time

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