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MintyVox AAC Speech - Assistive and Augmentative Communication Aid - Voice Synthesis for Conversation

MintyVox AAC Speech - Assistive and Augmentative Communication Aid - Voice Synthesis for Conversation

       iOS Universal

MintyVox is a very cool and brand new Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for people who have difficulty using their voice. MintyVox is for users who are literate and wish to communicate naturally and rapidly.

MintyVox is priced to be very affordable, and is incredible value compared to the thousands of dollars price tags of specialized AAC equipment. So spread the news, everyone should use MintyVox.

MintyVox has an enormous 32,000 item vocabulary, which is much larger than the 7,000 word vocabulary of the leading AAC app! This allows users to communicate complex thoughts without feeling limited or having to pay extra to add words to the vocabulary. If a word is not in its vocabulary, MintyVox simply attempts to speak it anyway!

The MintyVox vocabulary incorporates both US and International (UK) English. MintyVox also includes built-in spelling correction technology which is particularly useful when typing on the smaller screen of the iPhone or iPod touch.

MintyVox is about fresh communication, minty fresh thoughts, rather than the repetition of stock phrases. It allows users to make quick interjections as part of normal conversation as well as facilitating the composition of longer phrases and their instant recall. MintyVox provides automatic and simple ways to prepare and store phrases. MintyVox takes ease-of-use to a whole new level.

MintyVox has a unique "SoundBox" which provides instant audio sounds like 'a-ha', 'oh', 'wow', 'ahem', 'ouch', 'mmm', 'ugh' and 'oops' - so users can take an active part in conversation, showing that they are listening, understanding and participating.

MintyVox includes high quality speech sounds, with a choice of male and female voice.

MintyVox has a clean, modern interface that looks like it has been designed for ordinary people, not specifically for disabled people, so there is no stigma attached to using it, or being seen using it in public. It just looks like a cool app with a cool name.

MintyVox can even be customised by changing colors, fonts and button styles, so that the user can make it their own. There are 10 colors, 3 button styles, and 6 display fonts!

The large yet stylish display provides important visual cues to the people you are communicating with, making conversation more effective, especially in noisy environments, as well as enabling silent/private conversation. MintyVox is designed purely around words and does not use confusing or patronising cartoon-style icons or images. MintyVox does not require the user to learn and navigate multiple layers of grids!

MintyVox is a Universal app that works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It operates in all orientations - portrait, landscape, upside-down, and so is compatible with hand-held use as well as fixed-position use. Once purchased you can put it on all your devices! There is no hidden cost. MintyVox does not require a network connection so once downloaded it can be used in any location - at home, on the move, at school.

MintyVox now includes a built-in 5 minute video tutorial introducing the app and showing users how easy it is to use! No user manuals or guides are needed, just watch the video, or start to play with the buttons!

MintyVox now helps to protect privacy by allowing the user to reset all stored phrases. Simply go to the Settings panel in the app and tap the new button marked "reset history".

Give your loved ones a voice they can really use, and really want to use. Give them MintyVox, today!

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iOS 5.1 compatible and HD icons included


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