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Employment Information Signs & Words HD

Employment Information Signs & Words HD

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Did you ever think about all of the information signs and words found in a workplace? Use our Employment Information Signs and Words program to help users become familiar with these essential signs and words. This program will help guarantee a successful transition from your classroom to the workplace. This 80-signs and words program includes: attitude, benefits, dependents, employer, fired, hired, holiday, job application, lay off, overtime, sick leave, vacation and more.

•Contains 80 videos
•Part of the Signs and Words Series for teaching sign and word meanings
•Take classroom learning out into the community
•Make assignments for each user based on individual needs
•Lock the device to a particular user for ease of use
•Narrated with human-quality audio, NOT text-to-speech
•Great companion product to our online Functional Skills System (

The Employment Information Signs and Words HD application is a complement to our Functional Skills System software. Each application contains all the digital videos contained in their software counterparts. Employment Information Signs and Words is a part of a series of applications that focus on functional life, literacy, math, social, health, transportation and work skills for both the iPod/iPhone and iPad.

See what others are saying about our Functional Skills System apps:

“Wonderful content. Direct and to the point. Videos are great. I love how the material is presented…. Definitely a must have for anyone who could use help with social skills and is a visual learner.”

“I LOVE this app!!!!! This is EXACTLY the sort of thing I’ve been looking for and I’m so excited that I found it. Things that seem easy to many people – joining others in a group, for instance – can be overwhelming for a child on the autism spectrum. I have tried to help my son with his social skills but it has been difficult. This app is just what he needs.”

“I got this app for my son, who has Asperger Syndrome. It is a great way for him to learn what certain signs and words mean. The definitions are basic and easy to understand.”

“My daughter spends 20 minutes a day picking through the list of videos as a vocabulary builder and sight word training. I love that you display the words in large bold print, say it clearly, play the video and then show the word again at the end. Using real people instead of cartoons makes all the difference.”

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