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Coin Math

Coin Math

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"A great way to incorporate technology with concepts of money is with the terrific Coin Math App by Recession Apps. ... We really like that the interface is easily understandable by Kindergartners, but yet still appeals to older students who need this practice (perfect for EL students too!) ... The advanced options gets you a longer time frame of use for this app, working for students Kindergarten through Middle School (and even longer if someone needs some practice working with money) ... Not only do we love this app, but our students do too!"

"At the Children's Museum of Houston, we find this app very helpful in teaching financial literacy in our pretend city, Kidtropolis, USA, where kids hold jobs, earn "paychecks", spend, save and share kid money." - Children's Museum of Houston (“America’s No. 1 Children’s Museum.” —Parents Magazine)

Highlighted on Best Apps for Kids!
"What I especially liked about the app is that it works for different ages and levels. For example, the easiest gets you matching the coins to their value. It’s simple and fun...Bottom-line: I use this app to help my own kids learn about money, and to reinforce the curriculum in the classroom."

Rated #4 of Top 10 math apps! "This fun matching game involving money helps kids become familiar with U.S. coins and their values."

"We gave this application to several children ages 4-8. All of them liked this application best of the coin counting applications we looked at. It can be used either at home or at school for learning to identify and count coins, and learning to make change. It can also be used to learn or reinforce counting by 5's, 10's and 25's. As a teacher/parent, I appreciated that both sides of the coins were used within the application, and the coins were to scale. The kids quickly noted that they looked like real money."
- I Education App Review:

“This is truly an app that puts math to use in the “real world” by asking players to make correct change for a customer with an easy-to-operate point and drag system.”

"BTY, I absolutely love the point and drag feature that came with the update and the proper proportions for each coin as well :) very nice. When I was looking fo an app this as the best money counting one I saw, nice job :)" - Email from a user.

"This simple matching game is ideal for slightly older kids." -

"App works well for my 1st grader. He loves to use it and it's helped him improve his coin math. Great to introduce when doing homework." - Review from user

"What a great way to learn how to count and add U.S. coins. Kids learn both sides of a coin, how to add them and how to pay for something with the correct coins." -

Learn how to recognize, count, add and make change with U.S. coins.
Teach your kids how to:
- Learn what a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar coins looks like, front and back.
- Learn about U.S. State Quarters.
- Learn how to match coins.
- Learn how to add coins.
- Learn how to add different coins.
- Learn how to pay for items.
- Learn how to make change.

Now with voice instructions for younger learners.

All coins are now different sizes.

Useful for learning coins at the Elementary Grade level.

Note: This is for U.S. coins only.

What's new

Fixes crashing on iOS 6.1 and earlier


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