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Animal Life - Mammals Vol.I

Animal Life - Mammals Vol.I

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This Application is about the wonderful creatures living on our planet. Animal Life - Mammals Vol. 1 - will show you in beautiful way this wonders. Here is what you can find inside the application:

Unique collection of wildlife animals, images and facts, with a special focus on the world of mammals.
⚫ Amazing collection of 50 mammals species.
⚫ Gallery for every mammal.
⚫ Facts and comprehensive information.
⚫ 535 breathtaking images.
⚫ Gorgeous Gallery.
⚫ Sophisticated mammals search.
⚫ Browse the photography Author's Photostream.

And this are only the main functionalities of the application. For every animal you can read about:

☉ Geographical Location
☉ Habitat
☉ Gestational period
☉ Life span
☉ Special Anatomy
☉ Conservation Status

There are two kinds of galleries inside the application. The first one is only for selected animal. The second gorgeous gallery will show you all images for all animals inside the application (with some beautiful transitions when you are changing the images). You also have the option to view the online version of the image and to browse the photography Author's photostream. You can also search all available animals, and if you like you can narrow the search criteria by - Conservation Status.

Animal Life - Mammals Vol. I - is providing information for the following mammals:
Bandicoot, Koala, Wombat, Possum, Kangaroo, Sloth, Anteater, Armadillo, Hedgehog, Shrew, Mole, Bat, Loris, Lemur, Tarsier, Squirrel monkey, Marmoset, Saki, Howler monkey, Spider monkey, Proboscis Monkey, Baboon, Mandrill, Barbary Macaque, Rhesus Macaque, Allen's Swamp Monkey, Mangabey , Patas Monkey, Grivet, White-cheeked Gibbon, Siamang, Lar Gibbon, Chimpanzee, Orangutan, Gorilla, Gray wolf, Silverback jackals, Fennec fox, Wild Dog, Arctic fox, Ferret, Coyote, Spectacled bear, Giant panda, Brown Bear, Polar bear, Northern raccoon, Coatis, Red Panda, Badger


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