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AddBlocks helps children in Grade 1 and Grade 2 develop and master mental strategies for addition using blocks.

AddBlocks is a companion app to AddFrames that uses frames to develop mental strategies.

AddBlocks features:

- Doubles like 8 + 8
- Doubles plus one
- Doubles minus one
- Make a Double

AddFrames features:

- Counting on by 1, 2 or 3
- Combinations of 10
- Making a ten from 9
- Making a ten from 8

AddBlocks has two modes. Select Order to practice each category such as Double plus one or select Random to practice all categories at random.

Tap the menu for a pictorial view of the question or tap the screen again to flip over to see a pictorial and number view of the answer.

Spin the menu at any time to select a new question.

Happy spinning.

Take a look at SpinAddK for kindergarten children or children starting Grade 1 that uses pictures and shapes to help counting and addition skills.

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iOS 7 version.


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