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Ad Voyage

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The Ad Voyage application is an client of the Ad Community service.

The Ad Community application is used by an Administrator, while Ad Voyage is used by Clients.

The Ad Community Service is designed for:
- Administrators of information resources
- Owners of e-stores and financial institutions
- Owners of cafes, restaurants and hotels for reservations
- Social and administrative organizations, medical institutions, institutions providing personal services for an appointment
- Owners of vehicles offices, taxis and delivery services

The free Ad Voyage application is designed for mobile users.

With the Ad Community application an administrator is able to log in the Ad Community service and connect his mobile users to the resources. When using Ad Community together with Ad Voyage you don’t need to create a separate mobile application and use third-party communication systems with your customers.

The Ad Community Service includes:
- Information Module - provides access to your information system
- Two two-level built-in communication systems between the clients and the administrator of the resource

Installing and configuring Ad Community
- The Administrator registers his resource via the application Ad Community in the Ad Community service
- Creates an identifier of the resource - Tag
- On his own server installs the information module, which is responsible for performing required information and client application’s configuration
- Creates necessary sections, ad units and determines the functionality of the Client application
- Edits and specifies contact details and information about products and services in the information module
- On his main WEB resource indicates registered in Ad Community Tag and the AppStore URL, necessary for downloading and installing the free Ad Voyage application

- A Client installs the application Ad Voyage as it is specified in the AppStore URL
- While running the application for the first time, a Client enters your resource’s identifier (Tag) and receives the application settings and access to your resource
- While running the application for the first time, a Client is automatically registered in the messaging system and is able to start a dialogue with the Administrator of the information resource

Cooperation in the Ad Community between the Administrator and the Clients is possible only when using a mobile device.

Access to information and communication services is possible only with a registered mobile device.
Clients registration in the system is made automatically.

For cooperation between the Administrator and the Client the built-in two-level system of messages with confirmation and the division of rights for the transmission of messages is used.

The messages are delivered to a Customer or an Administrator by using the built-in notification system and can be duplicated by using Push notifications.
The system includes a message confirmation mode of delivered messages.
When the application is closed, it allows a Client or an Administrator to be notified about a new message or message delivery to the recipient.

The message confirmation mode will especially be popular with delivery and reservations services.
Using the message confirmation mode you will never miss an important message.

To verify that your information resource works properly, Ad Community contains a module that works similarly to a Mobile Client Ad Voyage.
This allows an Administrator to quickly verify the efficiency of his resource.

Particular attention was paid to the amount of transmitted information.
When connecting to the service, Ad Community applications are fully cache all multimedia content.
Dimensions of requests for information are of minimum values that allows to use the application on low-speed connections of mobile operators.

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