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Flower No Power

Flower No Power

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Many of the pages have an optional “Paint Me” feature for children to finger paint the pages and create their own custom version of the book.

Additional features: Professional voice over, table of contents control to navigate easily through the book and an audio on/off control.

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Puzzles, Coloring, and Record Your Own Voice Over


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Oct 20, 2011
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Mr. Sunny Sunshine™ Inspirational Smiles
Mr. Sunny Sunshine™ Looking for a Smile
Mr. Sunny Sunshine™ Nothing but smiles. A comic book.
Mr. Sunny Sunshine™ Smile Machines
Mr. Sunny Sunshine™ Smile Props
Mr. Sunny Sunshine™ There are never enough smiles.
Mr. Sunny Sunshine™ Today's Lesson is All About a Smile
Mr. Sunny Sunshine™ Two Preschool Educational Books in one!
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My Cat by Barbara Lutz
My Christmas Wish
My Courageous Princess
My Donkey, Brownie Brown
My Family Storybook
My Favorite Time of Day
My Grandpa and Me
My Hunting Adventures
My Little One as You Grow Older; An Adoption Poem
My Secret Closet
My Tiny Green Time Machine
My Typical Sunday
Myrtle the Blue Eyed Turtle
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Nanotechnology for Grades 1-6+
Naughty Miss Clawdia Learns Patience
Never Jump on a Grump
Nibbles Nighttime Adventure
Nicco's Journey
Nif, Fin, and the Leftovers
Nine Big Easter Eggs
No Yellow Horse, If You Please
Nomad's Joyous Christmas
Not Your Ordinary Fish Tale
Oddmatic and the Bad Pirate Gang
Oh Brother!
Oh Goodness, Oh Gracious!
Oh No, Not The Shot!
Oliver and I
Ollie the Octopus
Once God Had A Dream
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Outstanding Owners of the Ocean
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R.D.R. Saves The Astronauts
Rainbow of Shapes
Red, Green and Blue Popcorn
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Rippen Ricky Loves the Game
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Russels in the Leaves
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Santa's Magic Key
Santa's Pants
Seeing Heat
Sessy The Starfish
Shadow the Space Dog
Shane and the Jackadoo
Shape Up With Jeremiah
Sharing, Getting Along, and Taking Turns
Shasta's Fantastic Airplane Adventure
Sheldon’s First School Bus Ride
Shhhhh! Don't Wake MOM!
Sid the Sock Eating Monster
Silas Saves the Friendly Crab
Simply Maggie M. Manatee
Sleigh Bells in Springtime
Sleuthy Gumshoe: The Remarkable Detective
Sneekie and Snookie
Snoop and the Pillow Fairy
SOMEONE by Jackie Ewers
Songbird By The Window
Sophie Gets Curtains!
Sparkles & Zarkles
Spook-ee Wook-ee Halloween
Sprucie the Whispering Pine Tree
Starlight the Tooth Fairy's Secret
Story, Story, Story: From Smooth to Cool
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Super Caterpillar
Super Duck Goes Green
Super Rose
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Switch Witch
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Talking without Shocking
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Teaching Toddlers
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The Adventures of Backwards Bear and Baby Curl
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The Adventures of Bonkers
The Adventures of Boo and Koty: Snow
The Adventures of Bruce, Ben & Gerry
The Adventures of Carter the Garter Snake
The Adventures of Dezmund & Dippity
The Adventures of Dolittle the Bumblebee In The...
The Adventures of Finklefot
The Adventures of Jacob & Mr Ludicus
The Adventures of Joey Zee
The Adventures of Juan, The Fox
The Adventures of Little Wave and Her Friends
The Adventures of Max the Yorkie: The Rainy Day
The Adventures of Molly The Monarch Butterfly and Friends©Series
The Adventures of Munchkin Patch-Tabby
The Adventures of Pelican McFeet
The Adventures of Rico
The Adventures of Sammy The Smartest Horse
The Adventures of Sebastian the Helpful Seagull
The Adventures of Tracks and Cookout
The Adventurous Twins
The All About Children
The Alpha Rap
The Amber Necklace
The Ancestors Anansi and the Light
The Angel On Top Of The Tree
The Art of Falconry
The Baby King
The Backyard Explorer
The Ballad Of Foster Pyne And The Legend Of The Great Pine Forest
The Ballad of Momma's Arms
The Beautiful Fish
The Belly Monster
The Best Christmas Ever
The Better Learning Flash Card Book
The BIG Bully
The Birthday Train
The Black Candle
The Book That Sam Wrote
The Bull in the Basement
The Butterfly Man
The Cage of the Different People
The Caterpillar Who Dreamed of Flying
The Cherry on Top
The Christmas Gift
The Christmas Kitty
The Christmas Star
The Clever Spider
The Cows Came Running and the Horses Did Too!
The Cranberry Tales
The Delicious Tea
The Dog Who Ate The Classroom
The Dragon, the Princess and the Peanut Butter Sandwiches
The Dragons and the Simmies
The Egg
The Fear of Max
The First Adventure of Geoffrey and Chongo
The Forever Christmas Tree
The Friendly Dragon
The Ghost of Froggy's Swamp
The Gift of the Jumping Goldfish (A True Story)
The Girl in the Blue and White Checked Dress
The Goose and the Swan
The Great Adventures Of Sea Worthy With The I Can Crew
The Great I Am
The Greedy, Mischievious Turtoise and the Inqui...
The Hair Angel
The Jewellery Box Fairies
The Jungle Adventure of Chimpoo
The Just Visiting Cat
The Kangaroo and the Crocodile
The Key Lime Candies Club™ in Two Turtles' Tales
The Kids' Guide to Mommy's Breast Cancer
The Kingdom of Love
The Knight Who Laughed A Lot
The Lavender Ribbon
The Legend of the Chocolate River
The Legend of the King's Heart
The Light Inside
The Lion and the Egg
The Little Blue Octopus
The Little Candle
The Little Dog Who Stopped Traffic
The Little Faucet That Never Stopped Dripping
The Little Flying Boy
The Little Girl Who Loves Books
The Little Girl Who Loves Make Believe
The Little Girl Who Loves Music
The Little People from Peranium
The Lost Wallet
The Magic Sucker Or How Love Really Works
The Magical Land of Scotwalend
The Magical Land of Scotwalend and the Warrior Dragons
The Make-A-Million Dollars Family
The Mini Adventures of Peaches and Plum Duck
The Moon in the Man
The Moons Have A Universal Party
The Mysterious Pumpkin Patch
The New Adventure of Geoffrey and Chongo
The Old Man and the Donkey
The Only Lonely Tree
The Party Animals Howling At The Potato Moon
The Party Mice Celebrate The Days of the Week!!!
The Penguin and the Polar Bear
The People In My Life
The Perfect Porch for Witch Watching
The Picklepuss Man
The Polka Dotted Turtle
The Potter Family Holiday Tale
The Princess Puppy Book 5: This little puppy goes to market
The Puppies Find a Home
The Puppies Share Their Day
The Purple Tulip
The Putz Family In DeJaVille Mother Putz Moves In by RobinLee Kreitzer & Co. Author NancyJo Blake
The Rabbit King
The Rock That Became A Friend
The Runt -
The Santa Claus Easter Bunny Switch
The Santa Claus Fox
The Seven Teachings
The Sisters
The Size of My Family is Just Right for Me
The Slouch in the Couch
The Snowman and the Magic Eyeglasses
The Sock Keeper
The Spider Who Chewed Bubblegum
The Stinkells in Stankwell by Stephen J. Hemenway
The Story of Jack-of-the-Lantern
The Story Of Simon
The Story Of Squeaks
The Story of the Great Pumpkin Man
The Sunflower
The Tale of the Christmas Hero
The Tale of the Perfect Whitetails
The Tale of The Pumpkin Seed Squad
The Tale of the Selfish Shellfish
The Talking Vowels
The Taming of the Halloween Monster
The Three Little Worms and The Big Bad Bird
The Tiny Book
The Tree That Talks
The Tree That Went Sailing
The Trouble with Time
The Turkey Mountain Gang's....
The Ugly Bugly
The Unhappy Firefly
The Unhappy Rooster
The Unicorn with the Red and White Horn
The Wacko Baby
The White Gorilla and the Three Chimpanzees...a day from the zoo
The Wise Dove
The World Upside Down
The Year the Snow Didn't Melt
Thelma Makes A Visit by Diane Jackson
There's A Cookie Stuck To My Nose!
There's A Place In Space
They Have Moved On
Thomas S. Tucker and The Silver Buckle
Thomas S. Tucker, Norwegian Mouse
Three Funky Monkeys
Three-Toes the Raccoon Visits the Farm
To My Mom
Toasty by Carol Kersey
TOBEY the Zebra
Todd's Search For a Friend
Tommy, Timmy and Tummy
Tooth Fairy Castles
Tooth Trouble
Tori and the Origami Box
Tour de You
Travis the Traveling Turtle and the Beautiful Butterfly
Treasure in the Attic
Trever's Biscuit
Trouble Wears a Bell
Tumbleweed Christmas
Tummyful of Butterflies
Twigly- Santa's Tiniest Helper
Twinkle Town Tales
Two Stones
Two Stories About Kirmayir:
Tyler's Toys and the Bully
Uncle Harry's Junkalunka Car
Under The Leaves Where The Wild Fern Grows and Cute Little Newt
Using Your Imagination
Victor the Vampire
Vowels Howl
Waiting for Another Day
Wanted Dead or Alive
Wash Creek
Welcome to Authenti City: An ABC Book
What About Me
What If I Were the Wind?
What if the Rainbow is a Place
What Matters Most...
What's In An Egg?
What’s in Molly’s…Garden?
When All the Planets Came Together!!
When Great Granny was Small Like Me
When the Power Went Out
Where Does Santa Go on Vacation after Christmas?
Where Does Santa Work after Christmas?
Where is Lauren’s Cat, Chaulky?
Where is My Tail?
Where They Live
Which Colour Is It?
Who is Col. Chambers?
Who is Mr. Piggy Pig?
Who is Steering the Car?
Who Lives in the Sea?
Why Some Birds Don't Eat Worms
Willie the Whale
Willow and her Grandma
Willowmeena Worm
Wings of Friendship
Yes I Can
You Are Not Alone
You Call Everybody George
Young Pep Squad Mysteries
Zach and His Frog