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Featuring fully automated comics from Top Cow, Antarctic Press, and Indy, with more to come!

"With Digital Comics, Madcap Studios has developed a fantastic comic book reading experience for the iPad and iPhone." -

"Madcap Studios' Digital Comics app enriches your comic-reading experience with features like automated panel-by-panel reading and action animations." -

5/5 - "Digital Comics is a great app that does exactly what it says it does!" -

5/5 - "One of the coolest apps I've ever used!" - Random App Store Review we greatly appreciate


Digital Comics by Madcap Studios brings Comic Books to life in a way never before possible! Unlike other apps, Digital Comics is not a simple image viewer; but was built as a Comic Reader from the ground up, with innovative features like automated viewing that make reading Comic Books better and easier than ever.

Exclusive to Digital Comics, Panel Mode automatically guides you from panel to panel, on a timer, or at the tap of a button; no more finicking with manual panning and zooming (although Digital Comics also provides fantastic manual navigation as well). As gunshots fire, and explosion go off in the comic, you'll see the screen shake and even feel the device vibrate in your hand. It's clean interface allows for full screen comic viewing, flipping pages with a swipe, or with a single tap a scrollable in-line page picker provides a thumbnail of each page.

Digital Comics also features a custom in-app store, making it easy to discover and purchase new content, allowing you to store your whole digital comic library in one place!

For more info on Digital Comics, please visit our website:

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What's New

64-bit support for gradient draw calculations. (They were turning solid blue for some reason)
Numerous bug fixes.
Plugged remaining leaks / cleared all allocation build ups.

• Book Picker
- (iPad) Tab Bar Removed! To enter the store, simply swipe from right to left.
- (iPad) (iOS7) Now features a blurred picker background.
- (iPad) Flipping through pages now has a 3d folding effect.
- (iPad) Opening a book now has it's cover rotate into view as the background fades to black.
- New Book Info icons.
- (iPhone) Background image is slightly darker, to increase contrast.

• Book Viewer
- (iOS7) New semi-transparent buttons along the top.
- (iOS7) Navigation Bar is now dark and blurry.
- (iOS7) Page Picker now features a blurred background.
- Books now load slightly quicker.
- Book Picker now scrolls MUCH quicker.

• Book Info
- New transparent appearance.
- Improved loading behavior / faster loading speed.
- A few minor/rare layout bugs have been fixed.

• Book Store
- New transparent appearance, to match.
- (iOS7) Now features a blurred background.
- Columns now have a 3d folding effect, as they're scrolled off screen.
- Columns now feature a "Refresh" button, should they fail to load.
- Numerous Bug Fixes.

• Book Settings
- New transparent theme on iPhone, to better match iPad.

• Tooltips (ie: Settings on iPad, Price Picker on iPhone)
- (iOS7) Now feature a blurred background.

New icon.
New Splash Screen.
New Default Background Image.

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