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Admit One: My Life in Film by Emmett James

Admit One: My Life in Film by Emmett James

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NATIONAL BEST BOOK 2008 AWARD (Film/T.V./Radio) USA Book News

If you have ever truly loved a film, you will surely find yourself within these pages.

Set in Croydon, South London, in the 1980s, Admit One details how self-deprecating writer Emmett James escaped from the pains of adolescence by going to the cinema. Through wry wit and observation, the writer reflects, obsesses, and rages about film and its correlation to our pasts. Life soon imitates art, and the narrator finds that his true calling is in transcendence from one side of the screen to the other. He decides to leave England for the only place where he can realize his dream of becoming an actor—Hollywood.

We follow the narrator on his numerous adventures: as he jumps from forgery to pornography to crashing the Academy Awards under the alias of a nominated writer. All the while, the films that inspired each tale contextualize this humorous collection of stories. The narrator provides a unique insight into the fascinating industry of film, eventually himself stumbling into the biggest box-office grossing movie of all time.

The portrayal of a child—any child, every child.

Some small changes were made to the original text to comply with the terms of Apple SDK agreement and to suit readers of all ages. The print version of ADMIT ONE: A Journey Into Film remains unchanged and is available online at all major retailers.


From the Reviews:

Buy a ticket and go on in! - H. Grove (Maryland, USA)

Emmett James's Admit One is an absolutely delightful read.

Emmett starts with his youth in Croydon, South London. Each chapter is wrapped in the context of a movie that in some way impacted his life.[...] I was delighted when the book deviated immediately from the expected.[...]

Emmett writes with a tone that can shift from wryly humorous to childlike delight, self-deprecation to sly jabs in an instant. I was hard put to keep from constantly laughing out loud and reading selections to everyone around me.[...]

Emmett takes both the good and the bad in his life and mines them for sharp, witty humor instead. It's exactly the breath of fresh air we need.

Laughing at the good times and there were plenty! - Cheryl K (CO, USA)

Admit One: A Journey into Film is one of those rare books that just make you feel good inside. I found myself having a hard time putting this book down. Everytime I would start, it was not long before I had it back in my hands and before you knew it I was finished reading it. Thank you Mr. James for not being bashful in writing this novel Admit One: A Journey into Film. I now have a new book to recommend to all my friends. For anyone who has a love for any type of movies needs to read Admit One: A Journey into Film. It will make you remember all the good times about your childhood and wish you were young again! Pop yourself a bag of popcorn and settle in to read Emmett James's Admit One: A Journey into Film.

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