Unlock Your Mac by Knocking on Your iPhone with ‘Knock’

knock-ios-iconAre you tired of entering your password to unlock your Mac? Or do you even forego setting up a password for your Mac to avoid the hassle of unlocking it? If you’re like me and tend to carry your iPhone with you everywhere, developer Knock Software released today a unique solution to unlock your Mac using a simple gesture and your iPhone and doesn’t require you to touch your keyboard.

With Knock installed on your iPhone, along with the free companion app for your Mac, all you need to do is knock twice on your iPhone to unlock your Mac. Sounds crazy easy, right? It is and it does work. Here’s a cute promo video for it:

How does it work? The answer is through the magic of Bluetooth Low Energy, a Bluetooth protocol present in Apple’s newest Macs and iOS devices. Through Bluetooth and the Knock app, your Mac will recognize when your iPhone is nearby. When you knock on your iPhone, this signals to Knock to unlock your Mac and it enters your password on your behalf. It works even if your iPhone itself is locked and is in your purse or pocket.

Setting up Knock is easy and the apps will walk you through the process which takes a minute or two. Once you’ve got it set up, Knock will remain active in your Mac’s menu bar to detect your iPhone and enter your password when you knock on it.

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Knock is similar to Keycard, a Mac app I reviewed that pairs with your iPhone via Bluetooth and automatically locks it when you (and your iPhone) get out of Bluetooth range and unlocks it when you get back to your Mac. However, Knock is different in one key way – you have to prompt it intentionally, whereas Keycard relies only on the proximity of your iPhone to your Mac, which could result in unintentional locking or unlocking.

To use Knock you’ll need both a newer Mac and iOS device that have a Bluetooth 4.0 radio. For guidance on which Macs will work, check out Knock Software’s FAQ.

You can get the Knock app for your Mac for free straight from Knock Software’s site and you can get the iPhone app, which costs $3.99, from the App Store through the link below.


Knock – unlock your Mac...

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Knock and Apple Watch: a match made in heaven. Knock 2.0 makes unlocking your Mac faster and more secure than ever. You keep your iPhone with you all the time. Now you can use it as a password. You...



Love the app. It’s so simple. Not sure yet what to prefer: Knock or KeyCard.

Leo Castillo

I was impressed was about to buy it… then it hit me.

Doesn’t this make your Mac LESS secure? Someone else can now easily unlock your Mac.
Remember it works even if your iPhone is LOCKED.


I love the app but echoing Leo, the app needs an option to require iPhone to be unlocked.


According to your post, this enables you to unlock your mac simply by knocking on your phone. It’s interesting and I like it.


Why not make this really great use the unlock feature as stated, but with the iPhone 5 the fingerprint will unlock it, the we are talking πŸ™‚ also go a step further integrate a keychain using that fingerprint for the website. Instead of lessening security increase it.


DO NOT BUY ! Just installed, tested and immediately removed. Firstly you have to knock so hard that you almost break the iPhone screen. If it doesn’t work in the first time – and it usually doesn’t – you have to keep on knocking six or eight times till it unlocks your MAC. On top of that you have two applications running in the background, one on you MAC the other on the iPhone. Conclusion – I’d rather knock my head against the wall, sorry for throwing my money !

Pointless Peter

I look forward to the day, no doubt very soon, when this app wins the “Most Pointless App Ever in the History of the World” award!

Nigel Fennell

So you have to get your phone out of your pocket or wherever to knock. This opens your iMac. Then what?
you sit down and put your hands on the keyboard. It takes me less time to enter my password than it would to fish my phone out of my pocket, knock it, check to see if it worked and put it back again. About as useful as a chocolate fireguard!.


Thanks for this great tutorial. Only problem is that you need to knock it quite hard which sometimes may hurt the screen of your iPhone. Had this been a softer knock, it would have been better. Anyways its worth a try, rest is the wish.


Just read the EULA and you’ll not want anything to do with this app. Why do they need to track me etc et… Just read the EULA FIRST if you’re serious about trying this.


A sign of times of how people get more and more stupid on a daily basis.


Tried it. Unlike everyone is saying, you don’t actually need to knock your iPhone that hard. It’s a lot more secure than Keycard (it doesn’t automatically unlock based on proximity) and easier than typing in my password.


So what happens if you lose your iphone and need to log into your mac to check it’s location? hmm… now that’s a thought.


… or if you left your iphone at your friends house and came home, with a few important emails to send. Locked out of your mac?!


Wow some of you people crack me up. This app works frigging great. If it doesn’t it’s your fault for not keeping your system clean. And for those worried about being tracked. read the FAQ’s and besides, your not that important or interesting to worry Im sure.

simple simon


i’m sure you can still type in your password with that appendage you’ve stuck up your nose.

Uncle Walrus

Wait. There are actually people who can’t be bothered to type a password? Who are these freakishly busy people?


But doesn’t Bluetooth basically suck? I wouldn’t want to rely on it. Besides, while it’s a funky idea, it basically sounds like a solution looking for a problem to me…


I would wait for Knock version 2. Rumors are that you don’t even hack to knock the phone anymore – but you get instant access. Doesn’t get more convenient than this. My guess is they will implement a special system to disable the password on your mac.

But seriously, doesn’t anyone question wether this is a good idea, especially in light of the recent privacy revelations?


I have downloaded this app and it a good app. I can have my phone in my pocket and knock on it to unlock my macbook for a friend who wants to use my computer or myself. I have a long password and this eliminates the need to type in my password.

Telegram Sam

REALLY? This has to be the most useless app ever , or maybe just a scam to get people to buy more iPhones because they keep beating theirs to death…HA! I have to say if I actually saw somebody knocking on their iPhone while standing in front of their macbook at starbucks I would question their sanity


I guess I have to be the one to say it…

This is dumb. I shouldn’t have to explain why.


Knock Knock,
Who’s there?
Just stole your phone.

Lakshman Teja

Amazing concept and I suggested my friend to use it. Now he is feeling happy. Once again amazing app and amazing concept.


Nearly all of these comments are complaining about something which has already been thought of or fixed. I have used it for nearly a year and it works as advertised.

You don’t need to knock hard.

Obviously, not anywhere in the realm of possibility is the possibility for the screen to crack under normal conditions.

You knock twice, it’s very discreet and you would not draw any attention to yourself. I can barely hear it.

The mac can instantly unlink the phone if it’s stolen. If both are stolen iCloud.com can help.

I’d read their website or try it before making (some of) these really odd comments … everything I said was on there.


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That’s a GREAT idea. Banging on a piece of precision technology- in case you’re one of the 5 people whose screen isn’t broken already!

Oral Deep Sweep

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Edmond V.O. Katusz

“and besides, your not that important or interesting to worry Im sure.”


Perhaps you have about the NSA tricks, about Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks perhaps? Now you and I as single persons are not really important, but all the millions people who are scrutinized, whose data are collected and analysed make it possible for the governments to decide what is “good” for us. How to keep us in check. If you know what is “good” for you, you’d beter think twice, I’m sure.
Salut! Edmond V.O. Katusz


Wow I came to know about this trick tried it with my iPhone and My mac and it worked amazingly. I must say amazing concept πŸ˜€

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I look forward to the day, no doubt very soon, when this app wins the β€œMost Pointless App Ever in the History of the World” award!

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