22 OCT

Apple Announces Fifth-Generation iPad and Retina Display iPad mini

by Marianne Schultz


At today’s media event, Apple announced the next generation models of its iPad and iPad mini tablets. The full-sized iPad is now called the iPad Air to recognize its thinner and lighter design compared to its predecessors and the iPad mini gets the higher resolution Retina display.

The full-sized iPad retains its 9.7-inch Retina display but gets a thinner casing at just 7.5 mm thick and weighing in at 1 lb. It will have Apple’s new 64-bit A7 processor, a 1.2-megapixel front-facing Facetime camera, and a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera capable of recording 1080p HD video.

The iPad Air will come in two color combinations: silver/white and space gray/black. The new iPad Air will be available to ship and in Apple stores on November 1 and will start at $499 for the 16 GB model with Wi-Fi connectivity and $629 for the 16 GB model with Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity.

The new iPad mini revealed today gets a higher resolution Retina display and Apple’s new A7 processor as well. Like the iPad Air, it will also come in the white/silver and space gray/black color combinations. The 16GB iPad mini models will start at $399 for the Wi-Fi version and $529 for the Wi-Fi and LTE versions. Also like the iPad Air, the iPad mini will be available in capacities up to 128 GB.

The new iPad mini will be available for purchase in late November. The first-generation iPad mini will still be sold alongside the new models at a reduced price of $299 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi version and $429 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi and LTE version.

Apple also announced new information on the Mac Pro and changes to the MacBook Pro line and you can find more information at our sister site, MacRumors:

Mac Pro Launching in December with Xeon Processors, Dual FirePro GPUs and PCIe Flash Storage

Apple Updates Retina MacBook Pros With Updated Processors and Faster PCIe Flash Storage

If you’d like to see the video of the event yourself, it’s now available on Apples site here.

I’m excited to see a new iPad mini with a Retina display. I love my first-generation iPad mini and its only “fault” was its display compared to my iPad 3. However, that wasn’t enough to stop me from making it my go-to tablet for ebook reading and other tasks, leaving my iPad 3 to languish on a shelf for weeks at a time. Do you plan to get an iPad Air or new iPad mini?


  1. Ziggy

    I have tried the Nexus 7 v2 … and it’s not bad – but the iPad and iPad mini runs rings around it!!!!
    New iPad mini here I come!!!!

  2. John

    With my ipad mini being about six months old (at most) I’m not going to be getting the new mini just yet. But I do like the look of the processor on the iPad Air.

  3. TJ_Moose

    Hi Marianne,

    Tracking the iterations
    iPad, iPad2, iPad3 (the new iPad with HD retina display), iPad mini, and just announced: iPad Air, and iPad mini with HD retina display

    Is your iPad3 the same as the terribly marketed named device “the new iPad” (which came out next after iPad2)? I’m afraid I’m losing track of the features of each iteration’s improvement and I don’t think I will opt for either of the newly announced flavor of iPads because I am still enjoying my heavy, clunky second generation two pound iPad2 (still on iOS6).

    Another reason not to opt for the new devices is both likely with come with the most recent iOS7 built-in. Don’t get me started on the less-than-aesthetically pleasing and less-than-intuitive design changes made in iOS7. I upgraded my iPhone4s to iOS7 and wish I had not. I know, it is suppose to be better, but when you can’t find a cursor on a simple contact edit screen and the “buttons” are as flat as the text labels in the same schema, it is time to go back to the drawing board for the User Interface Team to restore 100% understood functionality at all times. And enough with the soft focus watercolor fade and frost overlays on everything – it looks like the device was dropped in a bucket of water.

    Rant over. I enjoy my apple products, but not the direction they are headed at present.


  4. Arbaz

    Yup Apple rolled out something that everyone expected, a new iPad and the next-gen iPad Mini.

  5. R Soos

    I love the mini, and like you my larger iPad stays on the shelf for weeks at a time.

    I am wondering if they built a new mini without the “retina” display if the battery life could be extended to 16 hours or more? For those of us who use the mini as a word processor and data entry device and could care less about you-tube and seeing the pimples on the stars in the latest movies it would be beneficial to have longer battery life.

    Or are there just too few of this to make the idea marketable?

  6. Priyanka

    iPad Air looks better but I’ll still go for the new iPad mini. I love my current iPad mini but I would love to see how content looks with retina display. No doubt iPad mini is much comfortable to hold and use than the iPad. I missed the launch event but. Is there any YouTube video available of the same?

  7. Jay B.

    I’m glad that they at least changed the name to iPad Air, because the last generation left me a bit confused when released. Anyway, the mini version is finally with retina! In my opinion that was the only disadvantage of the previous version.

  8. Bashir Ahmed

    Wow – really great news, finally Apple announced it. I’ve used iPad 2 but lets see how this fifth generation works.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. James Parker

    Its really great to know that Apple has announced the fifth generation of the iPads. I have used the first two generation and that were amazing. I hope that the latest generation would only take it a step further.
    Thanks for sharing the news!

  10. thetorrey

    I bought the iPad Air on Fri. morning, and it’s really nice. If you’ve held a previous gen iPad, then you will notice the difference.

    Very happy with my purchase.

  11. Josh Trenser

    I am soo going to buy this one folks!!!

  12. AlbertTCB

    I loved my iPad Mini and was almost praying for a retina version. But right after holding the iPad Air for the first time, I was sold immediately and bought it. The best of two worlds: light, fast, slim and a large screen. Amazing!

  13. Roger moore

    The mini is super awesome

  14. ASD

    Much interesting blog!!!

  15. alan

    Just got to know about iPad Air before some weeks when Apple announced it in the market. I quite like the extended features it has come up with. Though I am still very much happy with iPad mini but iPad air has a lot of things to offer.

  16. Whatsapp v 4.0.0

    We are waiting for iPhone 6 now. will see how good it is…

  17. John

    Apple will keep pushing things but it will never realize that there is no way to attract more customers at those prices. Apple must change their game now.

  18. appvsgame

    Ipad give the new concept of tablet. The design and the ios always loved by millions. Happy to read this post

  19. dlan

    Does this mean my 1939 KMM Royal typewriter is now out of date?

  20. Cynthia

    I have purchased the ipad retina and i’m quite happy with its performance. This gadget is superb and i love my every moment with it :)

  21. Tusshar

    What’s better than expecting a a new iPad as a new year gift. :) I have heard good reviews about its performance. Might buy it very soon

  22. Nelly

    Does this mean my 1939 KMM Royal type writer is now out of date?

  23. Weson Ribig

    Wow……..I am a great fan of apple’s product. It’s so wonderfull…..!

  24. Priyanka

    I am wondering if they built a new mini without the “retina” display if the battery life could be extended to 16 hours or more?

  25. Sanket

    Ipad 5th Generation i.e Ipad Air is really awesome I bought this Ipad Air on its launch day and I must say its too light weight and has awesome crystal clear sharp display.

  26. Sameer

    Oh, and I plan to switch to TMobile (no contract) from Verizon (2-year contract). For 2 new iPhones in my household over a 24 month period, I’ll save a little over $1,000 with TMobile vs. Verizon, and that’s even with the higher price for TMobile’s unlocked phone. Not to mention the resale value of my new unlocked phone will be higher than Verizon’s iPhone when I ultimately switch in a few years to get the latest and greatest iPhone available then!

  27. Shawn

    It’s funny but if there’s a demand then you’re (apple in this case) not cannibalizing your product line

  28. Kathlin Ray

    I own both ipad mini and air and I’ll have to say that iPad mini stands out in many ways.

  29. Prakash

    This is really great news thanks for sharing this, apple is doing really well job.

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  31. Alvie

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  37. NeL

    Still the announcement of Apple of this iPad, I’m disappointed by the features and lack of apple to maintain update :(

  38. Prateek

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  41. Rohit kabdwal

    waiting for the highly anticipated 6th generation iPad and hope with this version apple will beat its rival Samsung by big margin.

  42. Andy

    I have a budget to buy a ipad but not buying because waiting for fifth gen ipad.

  43. Tanisha

    I am sure that the fifth gen iPad is going to release soon. My friends and I have planned to buy it and price doesn’t matter.

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