Mail Premium Handwritten Cards with ‘Felt Cards’ for iPad

While digital cards are certainly quick and easy to create and send, they don’t quite do it for me when it comes to thanking someone formally or congratulating someone on the birth of a baby. For these events, a physical card printed on heavy cardstock graced with my (not-so-great) handwriting feels most appropriate. But getting to a store to find just the right card in a timely manner is not something I’m good at. Fortunately, Colorado-based Felt has an easy solution if you have an iPad in the form of an app, Felt Cards.

Felt Cards offers you a virtual catalog of greeting cards for a variety of situations from birthdays to graduations as well as some general cards that can be used for anything. You craft the message inside and even address the virtual envelope with your own handwriting (you can use your finger though I’d recommend a stylus to get the best results). Felt prints the card and envelope and drops it in the mail for you for just $3.99.

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As I write this post, there over 40 cards available to choose from though there are still several Mother’s Day cards in the selection (Mother’s Day is celebrated later in the year in other countries but it’s already passed in the US, which is currently the only country where Felt cards can be sent) and there are duplicates of others, oddly.

Once you choose a card by tapping on it, you’re presented with a view of the card’s interior. On the left is a slide-out menu with a few pen and color choices plus a virtual eraser. A wrist protector can be slid up from the bottom of the screen so you can rest your hand on the iPad as you write without making any stray marks. After you’ve finished writing your message, you address the envelope next using the same set of virtual tools.

Here’s a promo video showing Felt Cards in action:

Once your card is ready, you go through a checkout process to pay for your card with a credit card and create a Felt account to save your payment details for later use.

I used Felt Cards to send a card to a friend and the process was easy and straightforward. I would have preferred to pay via in-app purchase rather than entering my credit card details or needing to create yet another single-use account, though. The folks at Felt were kind enough to mail me a sample card so I could see the print quality in advance. Felt uses Mohawk card stock and a kraft paper envelope and both felt substantial and not at all cheap, which is perfect. And the $3.99 price tag is comparable to what you’d pay to buy a nice greeting card in a store. Felt Cards is definitely going to stay on my iPad so I can send personalized cards for any occasion without needing to get to a store or hunt down a stamp.


Felt Cards

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