‘Amazon Cloud Drive Photos’ for iPhone Debuts

Amazon has released a new app to allow users of its online cloud storage service to automatically upload and store photos from an iPhone and access photos saved to the service from other devices. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos hit the App Store today and is free to download.

Amazon offers 5GB of storage at no charge – all you’ll need is an Amazon account to take advantage of this freebie. Of course, you can purchase more storage if you’d like, upping to 20GB of storage for $10.00 per year or 50GB for $25.00 year all the way up to 1000GB for $500 per year. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos will use whatever storage level you’ve selected to save pictures from your iPhone. You can also save documents, videos, music, and other items to Amazon Cloud Drive through your computer.

When you first open Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, you’ll be asked to grant the app access to your iPhone’s photos. By default, the app will upload and save pictures from your iPhone’s Camera Roll whenever you open the app. You can even select to allow uploads only when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network in case you’re not on an unlimited data plan.

If you’re one of the 10 bazillion people with an Amazon account, taking advantage of the free 5GB storage offered should be a no-brainer, especially if you want an easy way to back up the precious photos taken with your iPhone. I’ve found Apple’s Photo Stream service to be less reliable than I’d like and I appreciate that Amazon offers a ridiculously easy way to back up the multitude of pictures captured with my iPhone.


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Thanks for the announcement! This indeed looks like a great way to backup the photo stream. I have only just downloaded and activated the app, but I’m wondering if it works in only one direction, just saving the photo stream, or that it detects that you’ve deleted photos and it will also delete them from the cloud drive. I haven’t seen this happen yet. Any thoughts?


5GB is sufficient for me, thanks for updating, for present I would go with free account only 🙂


I just ran out of space on my phone w/pics. Maybe I’ll back them up to this site? Thanks for the info!

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