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‘Reeder’ for iPhone Gets Feedbin and Standalone RSS Support

by Marianne Schultz

Following the announcement last month that Google will be shutting down its Google Reader RSS service in July, developer Silvio Rizzi promised updates to his popular Reeder app earlier this month to make it usable after the shutdown and dropped the prices of the Mac and iPad versions to $0 until these updates hit. The first of these updates has arrived for the iPhone version of Reeder with the addition of Feedbin support and the ability for the app to act as a standalone RSS reader.

Feedbin is a paid RSS service that works similarly to Google Reader. But if you don’t want to pony up the $2.00 per month to get a Feedbin account, you can just use Reeder as a standalone RSS reader. If you take the latter route, you can add your subscriptions manually or import your existing subscriptions from your Google Reader account. Easy peasy.

The Mac and iPad versions of Reeder are still free and will remain so until Rizzi releases updates to them that add the same new features that just made it the iPhone version so get to downloading them now if you haven’t already. The iPhone version of Reeder is just $2.99 and it’s an excellent app to stay on top of your RSS feeds while on the go.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/news/reeder,¬†http://appshopper.com/news/reeder-for-ipad,¬†https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reeder/id439845554?mt=12″]

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  1. Gary

    I’d (almost) gladly just import my RSS feeds, but they need to be synced between my Mac, iPhone and iPad clients. I’d still miss being able to check on the web, but I could live with it.

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