AppShopper is Back in the App Store with ‘AppShopper Social’

After a prolonged absence, an official AppShopper app is back in the App Store! Our original AppShopper app was removed from the App Store due to a conflict with a new set of App Store rules introduced last year. Since that time we’ve been hard at work creating a new app to continue to provide useful functionality to our users and also remain in compliance with Apple’s rules.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve released AppShopper Social [iTunes Link]. The new version of the app still contains the core Wish List functionality that we’ve always had, but also introduces a social discovery portion to the app. This is a brand new app, so it is a separate download (not an update). You will be able to keep your existing AppShopper app on your device as well.

New Social Features

The main view is now composed of your Friend Stream which shows you apps that your fellow AppShopper friends have added to their Wish List or My Apps lists.

With AppShopper Social, you can maintain a Friend/Follower list. When you add a friend to your list, your personalized stream becomes composed of apps that that they have added to their own lists. While you can add any other AppShopper user to your friends list, we’ve created a few special accounts for you to get started with.

In the screenshots above, you can see we are friends with:


These are specially created AppShopper accounts that are automatically populated when apps are mentioned or rated on their respective websites.

Our stream shows Dungeon Hunter 4 because it had just been reviewed by Similarly Skitch and Yahoo! Mail where mentioned on MacRumors, and Golf Star reviewed by These appear on your list as soon as they appear on their respective websites. If you’d like to link your own website automatically to an AppShopper account, please contact us.

In the case of TouchArcade and 148Apps, we already have review integration in the app, so you can read the reviews right from the app:

Same Old Features, Some Coming Back

Long time AppShopper users will be happy to know that the core Wish List and My App features remain in place. You can still get Push Notifications for updates and price changes to your apps. You can also search for any apps. Following the appshopper user will get you a list of the AppShopper Featured apps.

A few features didn’t make the first cut. “What’s New” and “Top 200” were temporarily dropped while we sought re-approval. We will see about returning those features in a future version.

Also, in the interest of time, we haven’t yet updated the iPad version yet. In its present form, AppShopper Social is not a Universal app. We will be working on a Universal update soon.

More to Come, Please Spread the Word

In the 1.0 version, we’re aware that there are several obvious features that are absent. Top on our priority list is the ability to browse friends’ lists individually by tapping on their name. Also, an easier method for friend discovery and friend recommendation are also something that is clearly necessary. Even without these features, AppShopper Social is an incredibly useful tool for App Discovery, but there’s a lot of potential to be even better.

We lost a lot of momentum with the removal of our App Store app, so we’d ask you to spread the word on AppShopper Social. A large user base will guarantee future updates and improvements.

Download now: iTunes Link

For press inquiries, please contact us by email



Love this website, and I like the app!
I was wondering if in the future there will be an option to import all your installed apps into the app, instead of searching for each and every app and adding it manually to the app/site.
Good luck and well done!


It’s great that you’re back. Please, make an iPad app as well

Dave M.

@arn That’s awesome!

Is there any possibility that Mac apps will be accessible from the app? I understand I won’t be able to buy Mac apps from the iOS app, but I would like to add Mac apps to my Wish List.

Otherwise, AppShopper is the perfect solution for keeping track of apps and ratings!


I just upgraded to the latest version, I had the old one on my ipad running for very long time. After the upgrade I can not find my wish list, it is empty.


Sorry, I just noticed that the old appshopper exists and working fine and my wish list is ok.



I did read the blog post, it doesn’t say anything about what supposed rules were being violated, and never said anything about Apple requiring socialization, which wouldn’t have been true if the claim was made. Apple does not require app developers to add in useless social features.

It seems likely the old app was delisted because it was little more than a wrapper around the webpage, but since the appshopper blog deliberately doesn’t specify what rules violation was found, it’s all speculation on why they were delisted.

Like I said before, it seems like the appshopper devs wasted the last 4 months, chasing after a non-market, instead of trying to meet the functional needs that the old program met. You like it, good for you; I don’t like it, it doesn’t hurt you. The devs can decide for themselves what market they want to chase, spending a bunch of money maintaining a social infrastructure that duplicates existing functionality of Facebook/twitter/etc, and isn’t used because no one is going to go to the trouble of using a social network that’s empty, when they already are part of an existing social network full of people they know, which the iTunes store already integrates with.



You don’t know what you are talking about. The _only_ reason that AppShopper has social features now is Apple.


hi,i have been a big fan of APPshopper for a long time,now i have two appshoppers in my iphone ,the old one and the new one and it is very confusing ,i just curious why you guys didn’t just update the old one instead of releasing a new one


@yingya – If we had updated the old version, it would have removed several features including iPad support from a lot of people.


Sooooooo glad you guys are back however; why didn’t you keep the feature to search “my apps” by category? Will the be put back in a future update? I sure hope so….otherwise, love the new app! Welcome back… =D

Dave Metzener

I really love the new AppShopper app. I do have a question however.

In the older app, when i have “My Apps” selected, I was able to sort the list by price (low-high/high-low) My Ratings (low-high/high-low) and Name.

I use this to help me rate apps that I haven’t rated yet. If I sort ratings from low to high, I can see all the apps with “My Rating” set to 0 stars, I can then rate each app that’s got a rating of 0 stars.

I would love to have the Category filters and Sort by settings that the old app had.

Thanks for having such a great tool for keeping track of apps I own!


When is the new version coming? I can not wait for an iPad support.


@ Arn, As far as I can tell, having appshopper as a friend and using the “stream” list is the same as the “popular” list from the old app… is this correct?

If it is, I can probably delete the old app, as I really don’t see anything missing from the new app to the old one otherwise… except for missing the “what’s new” tab which I didn’t use anyway since it gets bogged down with new crud anyway.

Thanks for your response and thanks for the great app!


Enjoying the new app, however I am having problems accessing my old account from the original appshopper. I have forgotten both the password and username, however when I attempted to have appshopper send me an email to reset the password, I never received it. Is there anyway to overcome this problem? I had a lot of apps already listed on the account, and it would be frustrating to have to search for them again.


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Sooooooo glad you guys are back however; why didn’t you keep the feature to search “my apps” by category? Will the be put back in a future update?

thank you.

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Your article is really informative. Thanks for updating these new information. Your information is really helpful for all. Thanks for sharing.


I have forgotten both the password and username, however when I attempted to have appshopper send me an email to reset the password, I never received it. Is there anyway to overcome this problem? I had a lot of apps already listed on the account, and it would be frustrating to have to search for them again.

thanks before.

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