‘Launch Center Pro’ Gets In-App Actions, Goes on Sale

App Cubby’s Launch Center Pro, which is one of my most-used apps, got a major update late last week and it’s now on sale for 40% off for a limited time, bringing its price down to $2.99 from $4.99.

Launch Center Pro is a productivity app that can help you complete common tasks you do with your iPhone more quickly. For example, you can set up Launch Center Pro to open Instagram and go right to the camera tab so you can quickly capture an image. Or, you can define an action to call or text message your spouse with a single tap.

Launch Center Pro works using URL schemes to interact with other apps. Think of URL schemes as a way for Launch Center Pro to open another app and go to a specific action, like a browser bookmark to your favorite page within a website. Not all apps work with Launch Center Pro out of the gate, though – an app’s developer must incorporate URL schemes into their app so that Launch Center Pro can use these “hooks” to open the app and carry out actions within it. For a bit more on how Launch Center Pro works and how I have it set up on my iPhone, see this article.

In version 1.1, which hit the App Store late last week, several actions can now be completed right within the app. For example, you can now draft a text message right within Launch Center Pro and it will be sent without switching you over to the Messages app. The same goes for emails as well.

The full list of what’s new in 1.1 is as follows:

  • In-app messaging actions — group messaging and preset text
  • In-app email actions — attach last photo taken or attach photo from the clipboard
  • Clipboard actions — place text on clipboard, place last photo on clipboard, convert text on clipboard, and x-callback-url support
  • Expanded Text Expander support — snippets can now be expanded automatically while launching an action
  • New Tweet action — tweet last photo taken
  • Reorganized Action Composer
  • Bug fixes and other enhancements

I use Launch Center Pro multiple times every single day and highly recommend it to automate common tasks you do regularly. Buy it now while it’s on sale. If you already have it, now is also a good time to gift it to someone else to save yourself a little scratch and share a bit of app joy at the same time.


Launch Center Pro

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Speed up everyday tasks with simple shortcuts. It’s like speed dial for apps. Launch Center Pro saves you time by launching complex actions in a single tap. Message a loved one, search Yelp for...


Eric Pramono

I love the new features in LCP 1.1, especially its ability to convert text while they’re in the clipboard. It has allowed me to encode the URL scheme that I’m writing in Drafts, such that I don’t need to visit any web service for the URL encoding service. It allows me to be more efficient and write more custom URL schemes on my iPhone.

The fact that it has its own custom numeric keypad has allowed me to quickly enter specific info, such as the amount of money I paid for filling up the gas in my car and the gas price at that moment, before storing it in a Dropbox file. A few seconds is all it requires to log all your gas fill up.

To find out more about this URL schemes and how to install it on your LCP 1.1, you can visit this page I created: http://www.geekswithjuniors.com/ios-url-schemes

I created that page because I love URL schemes and LCP 1.1, and I intend to share more as I use these apps even more.

Fan saiab

I will not buy Launch Center Pro, because the developers duplicate charges, I have blacklisted it.I ever bought Launch Center, but the developers to re-release Launch Center Pro version that is same function with Launch Center,Then Launch Center version disappears, this approach is really despicable!!

Ickybod Clay

I normally don’t comment on app promos like this one, but when I read Fan saiab’s comment I had to say he hit the nail on the head, because the developer did do as he says.

I bought Launch Centre when it came out only to realize it was dropped like a hot potato when the Pro version appeared, offering essentially nothing new over the original except for the grid view of icons instead of a list. It’s a cheapshot, but luckily this kind of thing doesn’t happen often on the App Store. I expected better from App Cubby, though. And come to think of it, Health Cubby was another app that went the way of the Dodo.

As for Launch Center Pro, I (tepidly and much later) bought that, too. I didn’t find it useful and so its time in my dock was short-lived, but the new features just might change that. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t get the old switcheroo…

App Entwickler Ben

I’m quite curious how this app works. At first glance I would say, it’s only possible to access those functionalities with a jailbreak. No idea how they’re able to access not just apples core functionalities, but also the different apps?!

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