‘Fantastical’ for iPhone Gets App Icon Date Badge Option and More

Fantastical, the calendar utility developed by Flexibits that debuted in the App Store in November, has received a major update. Fantastical 1.1 offers time zone support, multiple alerts for events, improved calendar navigation, and my favorite feature ever – the ability to enable a badge on the app’s icon to display the current date.

The full list of what’s new is as follows:

  • Multiple alerts when creating events
  • Time zone support
  • Duplicate or move events (tap and hold an event in the event list)
  • Go to a specific date (tap and hold the red title bar)
  • Event list is now scrollable when using the calendar
  • Today’s timed events dim after the event has ended
  • Copied text containing event info can automatically be made into an event
  • Added setting to highlight weekends
  • Added setting to show empty days on the DayTicker
  • Added setting to display the number of today’s remaining events or date on the app icon badge
  • State restoration (iOS 6 only)
  • A staggering number of other improvements, parser enhancements, and bug fixes

To recap a bit, Fantastical lets you use natural language to create calendar events. So if you type (or speak if you have a dictation-capable iPhone) “Lunch with Mom at 1 on Saturday,” Fantastical will parse this accordingly to create an event named “Lunch with Mom” at 1:00 pm on Saturday. It’s very easy to use and far simpler than navigating through the several screens required to create an event like this in the stock Calendar app.

In my review of Fantastical, I mentioned my reliance on the iPhone’s stock Calendar app with its display of the current date on the icon. Apple doesn’t allow third-party developers to do this and I’d mentioned that a work-around would be to use a push notification badge on the icon to show the current date. I must not have been alone in that request and Flexibits heard it enough that they implemented it in this update. This feature is optional if you don’t need or want it, or you could instead choose to use the icon badge to show the number of remaining events for the current day.

Fantastical for iPhone is on sale in celebration of this update, down to $3.99 from its regular price of $4.99. Fantastical has remained on my iPhone’s home screen ever since it was released and this update only makes it more useful.



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*** Fantastical 2 for iPhone (iOS 7 only) is coming soon and will be a separate purchase. If you use iOS 6, this is your last chance to get Fantastical 1 at a special price before it’s gone! *** ...

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