‘Plants vs. Zombies’ for iPhone and iPad Free Until February 28

PopCap games has made the iPhone and iPad versions of its super cute and incredibly popular game, Plants vs. Zombies, free for one week. This is the first time ever that these apps have gone free and you even have the luxury of several days to hit the Buy Now button instead of some ridiculously small window of time. But don’t wait. Don’t be fooled by the stretch of time before you until Plants vs. Zombies goes back up to $2.99 for the iPhone version and $6.99 for the iPad version next Thursday. Locate the Buy Now buttons at the bottom of this post and click them immediately.

I’ll stop pestering you for a moment and take a step back. Plants vs. Zombies is a tower-defense style game in which you need to defend your home, and ultimately your brain, from zombies. The home defense weapons at your disposal are in the form of plants. You might think that plants would be useless against zombies but you’d be wrong. These plants can shoot peas and spikes and do other amazing things to destroy the zombies marching across your lawn and even your roof with the goal of eating your warm, delicious brain. Despite the gory intent of the zombies and the rampant destruction you’ll rain down upon them, Plants vs. Zombies is cute and suitable for a wide range of ages.

If you want more information, check out the review of Plants vs. Zombies over at TouchArcade. Here’s the official trailer for Plants vs. Zombies:

Now enough talking. Move your mouse to the Buy Now buttons and click before February 28!


Plants vs. Zombies

Last Changed: 25 months ago
Rating: 4.00 (755)
Version: 1.9.13
iOS iPhone

Read on for important info below! The game requires iOS 6 compatible device. Get ready to soil your plants as a mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home. Use your arsenal of 49...


Plants vs. Zombies HD

Last Changed: 25 months ago
Rating: 4.00 (569)
Version: 1.9.12
iOS iPad

Read on for important info below! The game requires iOS 6 compatible device. Get ready to soil your plants in this high-definition, multi-touch adaptation of the PopCap hit! Winner of over 30 Game...



PvZ is definitely one of the best games in App Store. wonderful. thank you Apple for these great Free Apps of the Week. first, Infinity Blade and now PvZ! which one should i play this weekend?!

I love Apple!


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I’ve been looking through a few of these types of articles, and usually when they are from a software company, they end up doing little more than promoting their own software.

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