14 FEB

Kickstarter Releases iPhone App to Let You Crowdfund On the Go

by Marianne Schultz

Kickstarter, the online crowd-funding platform that was launched in 2009, released an iPhone app today. Kickstarter for iPhone is free and lets you browse and back projects and keep up with any projects you’ve already backed.

Accessories for Apple products and even iOS apps have been funded through Kickstarter, including weather app Dark Sky (review) and the iPhone-compatible Pebble and Metawatch smartwatches, which each have their own companion apps, Pebble Smartwatch and Metawatch Manager, respectively.

I’ve personally backed several Kickstarter projects over the last couple of years and the new Kickstarter app makes it a bit easier to look for new projects and read updates on the projects I’ve backed. Not that it was incredibly hard to go to Kickstarter’s website before but I appreciate this kind of easier access and formatting optimized for the iPhone’s screen.

If you’re a Kickstarter user or if you’re a little curious about what new and crazy projects people are looking to fund, check out Kickstarter. My current favorite is the open source Death Star. Yes, a Death Star. How awesome is that?

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