11 JAN

Win a Digital Magazine Subscription from Zinio

by Marianne Schultz

Though Zinio’s magazine subscription sale that we mentioned earlier this month is now over, you still have a chance to get a tree-free version of your favorite magazine right here through AppShopper. Zinio has given us 10 digital magazine subscriptions to give away to readers that we’re putting up for grabs right now.

To win one of these subscriptions, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post by 12:00 pm Eastern time on Friday, January 18, 2013. In your comment, tell us what your favorite magazine is. We’ll randomly draw 10 winners from commenters.

A few details:

  • When you post your comment, be sure to use a legit email address since this is how we’ll contact you if you’ve won. No, no one else will be able see your email address and we promise not to use it for anything else, evil or otherwise.
  • One entry per person, please. Duplicate or multiple comments by the same person will be ignored and/or deleted.
  • Winners will have 72 hours to respond to our winner notification email. After this, we’ll choose another winner randomly.
  • For a list of all of the magazines Zinio offers, check out Zinio’s site.

If you don’t already have the free Zinio app for your iPhone or iPad, be sure to get it (you can also browse Zinio’s magazine offerings through the app).

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  1. Jonah

    I’m a fan of “Outside”. It’s how I get my dose of nature.

  2. Progressive

    hello, good luck for everybody :)

  3. Nolan

    Love Zinio and appshopper :) please count me in, cheers!

  4. Visarion Nicolof

    N-photo magazine,on my list :)

  5. Gary LaPointe

    National Geographic.

  6. Viriglio Rios

    I love “Macworld” USA edition ;)

  7. Lee

    Got to be Nat Geo. Good luck, everyone!

  8. Angel

    I like several magazines, and Zinio was a great discovering for me. I think “Traveller – Lonely Planet” (spanish edition) is maybe the best one!

  9. Greg

    I’ve had an Entertainment Weekly subscription since it launched…

  10. Dan

    Macworld USA edition or MacLife would be cool!

  11. AJ Afkari

    The Week Magazine! Get it on Zinio please!

  12. Anil

    Harvard Business Review please!

  13. Hajime

    How beautiful, if I see pictures in “Astronomy” magazine on my iPad.

  14. @ngel

    I’d go with National Geographic.

  15. Miko

    I love “ELLE UK” !

  16. Jami

    I’d like Mental Floss Magazine please.

  17. john

    what a great app

  18. Nan Jacobson

    I tried to check out what magazines you offered, but could not get o you site. If I do win, I would like a magazine like FITNESS or SELF. Thank you, Nancy

  19. Gilson


  20. Winston

    ImagineFX is great!

  21. aldwin

    YES Magazine Philippines for me

  22. Barbara

    Zinio has some great Knitting magazines, it will be hard to decide if I win!

  23. Ana

    I usually go for travel & architecture magazines, but am finding them hard to read on my iPad mini. I got a free sample of Cosmopolitan – and was blown away by its interactive digital edition. Large text, scrolling panels – a pleasure to read on my Mini! I’m now rediscovering this mag and wishing I had a subscription to it! :)

  24. Lyman

    I’ve always wanted to check out science magazines and NewScientist looks interesting.

  25. Andres


  26. Tommy

    Wallpaper! And not forgetting the many fitness and home decor mags I have subscribed over the past few years with Zinio!

  27. Jordan

    National Geographic is the bomb

  28. Gary H

    Last year, I subscribed to Esquire thru Zinio. I would love to renew my subscription. Thank you!

  29. Nate

    Don’t know what I’ll get

  30. Conrad Driggers

    I love MacWorld or MacLife!!!

  31. Joey T

    Oh wow!! I would like to join! I love national geographic!!!

  32. V

    Currently enjoying Australian Photography+Digital

  33. Tom

    My favorite magazine is probably Wired.

  34. James

    My favorite magazine is Car & Driver. Thank you guys.

  35. Donal

    I like all the free magazines

  36. Tatu

    New Scientist.

  37. Craig

    POPULAR SCIENCE – great mag and reads briliantly on iPad. I also get F1 Racing – this reads best in landscape. And I buy New Scientist on an irregular basis.

    Feedback – I would really love it if in ‘Read’ you could somehow see which magazines you have been reading and in the magazine to somehow flag or mark a page as having been read.

  38. Joe

    I would love a Men’s Health (US) subscription to keep up with my new year’s resolution!

  39. niezam

    Definitely the Reader’s Digest and National Geographic.

  40. Mohammed

    I like these :

    N-Photo: the Nikon magazine
    Digital Photo Pro

  41. Danny


  42. Jay

    World Soccer!

    Although, I also love The Economist and MacLife.

  43. Reech

    I’m totally serious about the magazines I enjoy; therefore it has to be Viz. Or Gay Times.

  44. Dan

    I Love Businessman,the Chinese name are :商业周刊 中文版。
    Yes, I am Chinese , Hehe

  45. TJ_Moose

    Thanks AppShopper! I’ll stick with the AppShopper theme, and go with “iPad & iPhone User” if selected. Cheers!

  46. Mark Reidy

    NewScientist has always been really interesting to me. I love reading about science and technology.

  47. M

    More Magazine is my current favorite

  48. Vegar

    My favorite? Hard to say, but it has to be something within tech, like “.net” or “Web Designer Magazine”.

  49. Todd

    My favorite would have to be Entertainment Weekly or National Geographic.

  50. Jens

    Having moved to the UK a couple of years ago, I sometimes miss out on what’s going on in my home country — therefore I would love a subscription of “CICERO”, a monthly german news magazine

  51. Jeff

    POPULAR SCIENCE It is the best.

  52. Felipe

    I loved the Outdoor Photography. But I’d like to have some National Geography.

  53. Markus

    I ♥ Rolling Stone

  54. Pier

    If italian magazine are available, i would like to read Focus or Web Design.

  55. Jon

    Mine would be Mac Life

  56. Morriis

    Uau! Zinio rocks! I love to read Readers Digest Magazine in my iOs devices!

  57. Jim

    Zinio is cool

  58. Louis

    Subscribed to Dwell during the previous promotion.

  59. dbojanc

    I love “How it works” magazine.

  60. Fiona


  61. Sachintha

    National Geographic

  62. Bannie


  63. Nunu

    I love iPhoneLife Magazine

  64. Russell

    “Car” magazine

  65. Chee Yong

    I’m a huge Science Illustrated fan.

  66. V1

    Macworld, US

  67. Leo

    Men’s Health

  68. Angela

    Geek Magazine! :D

  69. David M

    I think Imagine FX is great. Lots of advice for the illustrators out there.

  70. Rathu

    I love the pictures in National geographic. Would be great to win a suscription!

  71. tehcalavera

    NatGeo :)

  72. Andrey Gubin

    I like music and magazines. My choise is – “Rolling Stone”

  73. Dheeraj

    National Geographic Magazine

    I like it and give full starts to it.
    Please give me the subscription.


  74. Joe

    Love the ability to take full page magazines, multiple ones, on long flights without all the weight of multiple paper versions… it is great

  75. Apple

    The link for “Zinio’s site” does not work.

    Economist or Consumer Reports

  76. Jojo

    The economist

  77. Sacred

    National Geographic Magazine

  78. Dave

    Still have your app installed! If I win, I’ll take Rolling Stone.

  79. Chris

    Love appshopper and treeless magazines, always reading MusicTech Magazines, would love to have a subscription!

  80. Ade

    you wouldn’t believe it, I don’t buy hard copy of pc Magazine any longer, it’s my favourite and I nowread it with zinio on my ipad exclusively! Love it…

  81. strkx

    I’d like to try this. Big appshopper fan

  82. André

    Hi all, I am sticking with National Geographic :)
    Thanks, and good luck for everybody!

  83. David Y.

    My favorite magazine is Radio Control Car Action. Good luck to those who enter the contest!

  84. Travis

    I like Top Gear Magazine.

  85. Sue

    I like to read digital magazine than actual magazine.

  86. Joselito

    Macworld US,UK. Reading all those MAC/IPod/IPhone pics & articles male me so excited.

  87. Zach

    I love POPULAR SCIENCE. My passion for invention and discovery is something I’ve had since I was a child. I would love to have this subscription.

  88. Yati

    US Weekly!!

  89. Kim Reid

    I would love a chance to win Interweave Knits, thanks!

  90. Ed Federmeyer

    I like Macworld. Please enter me into the contest!

  91. Marilyn


  92. Yok

    I love National Geographic. :D

  93. Alwin

    I am a loyal fans of Zinio.. Hope I get to be the lucky one :)

  94. mike

    I love Zinio’s !

  95. Richard Esposito

    Reader’s Digest :)

  96. Neil

    I like Popular Science. I am quite interested about science stuff.

  97. Adam

    The Economist.

  98. Jennifer


  99. Mario

    Big PCWorld fan!

  100. Michael sayed

    I love 3d world and 3d creative as I am a graduate of animation and visual effects and they keep me up to date with the latest softwares and topics and industry news.

  101. Evan

    Realscreen Magazine

  102. Garry Fenton

    Great promotion,Rugby League Week is a favourite !

  103. bp

    simple, Men’s Health :)

  104. Reyman T.

    FHM Philippines!

  105. Randall Douglas

    Know its me!

  106. cepe

    National Geographic. Good Luck everyone!

  107. Zaheer Ellias Najeeb

    I subscribe to all my magazines through Zinio.
    And Im more comfortable with Zinio than News Stand.
    From GQ, Stuff, Pop Sci, Nat Geo….
    The only magazine I can think of that I haven’t already subscribes to is HBR

  108. Erik

    Fortean Times. Let the Fort be with you.

  109. sinbad

    The Economist rocks!

    Go Hawks!!!

  110. Steven Chin

    Reader’s Digest or National Geographic! : )

  111. Dave

    Mental Floss

  112. UdiA

    Conde Nast for me !!

  113. mohamad


  114. Fabio

    I love Macworld (Italy or US edition)!

  115. tswestendorp

    MacWorld and Nat Geo!

  116. Stevenzoller

    I love Focus (Italy edition)!

  117. Alessandro

    I love Edge, because it’s one of the few serious gaming magazine in the market.

  118. TR

    Frankie Magazine! Thank you :)

  119. EL

    I love World Soccer!

  120. Mark H

    ABC Organic Gardener Magazine would be a worthy read, here in Australia.

  121. Richard

    New Scientist :)

  122. Esther M

    I wanna read Health & Fitness!

  123. Craig

    ImagineFX. Best digital art magazine ever.

  124. rk

    I love the Poker Player magazines. Love reading how to improve my game!! w00t. rk

  125. Chris F

    My favorite magazine is Entertainment Weekly

  126. Kelvin

    I would love some Stuff!

  127. paperfiller

    come on!

  128. KPLau

    My favourite is the Lonely Planet Traveller!

  129. Chris Fowler

    National Geographic Interactive, for sure.

  130. Todd martin

    National Geographic on Zino is great!

  131. Howard

    I would go with Astronomy magazine. It would be great on my iPad.

  132. Hannes Tribus

    I would go for ther german Thermik Magazin :-D

  133. Larrybeo

    I would love a subscrption to the Economist! Thanks!

  134. Gaurav

    National Geographic. .

  135. Moof Mooferson

    It’d have to be iCreate for me. They always have great tutorials.

  136. DIrk Boersma

    Zinio has a wide selection. Outdoor Photographer will look awesome on my retina ipad and I will make time to read it.

  137. Matthew

    My Favourite Magazine is Macformat. Would love a subscription to this as i buy a paper copy every month

  138. Andrew

    Amateur Photographer, always has something interesting.

  139. Kristaps Griva

    My favorite magazine is Computer Arts!

  140. Dave Z

    I’d love to get a free year of MacWorld.

  141. dean temesy

    I love too many mag’s to mention them all, so i’ll go with a safe bet, National Geographic…instead of Playboy.

  142. Robert Jensen

    I’m a Guitarist magazine fan.

  143. Aravil

    The Economist subscription would be great for my school!

  144. chuck

    macworld or apple magazine

  145. Mark

    Appshopper is one of my most visited sites. I visit you several times a day on line and by app.

    Pick me.

  146. Dylan

    macworld!!!! or sports illustrated!!!

  147. nate

    Would love to receive a free subscription to Juxtapoz from Zinio

  148. sabari girish

    I love the Readers Digest Magazine.

  149. nino

    i love juxtapoz

  150. Eurion

    I love BBC Wildlife even though I’m not based in the UK it always has great articles.

  151. lila

    I love Edge, videogame magazines are hard to justify in a budget.

  152. Fernando Pastor

    I like Fotogramas, Cinemania (Spain), El Jueves, Hobby Consolas or PlayMania.

  153. Odo

    I’d love to win a subscription to ARC.

  154. Tim

    Les Affaires, SVP!

    Thanks! :)

  155. Kris

    Stuff is my favourite

  156. Bruce Winch

    Zinio was one of the first apps I loaded on my iPad .

    Currently I subscribe only to Macworld and I’m just about to sign up for Popular Mechanics or Popular Science.

    With a free subscription I would get both :)

  157. linda


  158. Neeraj Vohra

    I’m in for the contest. Though, already using Zinio for my CHIP magazine subscription. Thanks.

  159. Julijanta

    National Geographic

  160. Danni

    Playboy US please!

  161. Phoenix

    Wired !

  162. Rich

    Mens Health

  163. Ranjeet

    Would love a sub to National Geographic. Thanks AppShopper & Zinio.

  164. D-Man 4 D-Job!

    I used to get PC World Magazine through Zinio on my PC! That was an AWESOME experience!! Excellent Quality stuff!! ;-D

  165. AppShopper XtraOrdinaire

    I would LOVE to get a subscription to a magazine via Zinio again! :-D

  166. Kathy

    I LOVE Zinio! Good luck to everyone here! ;-)

  167. Vitor Jesus

    Music Tech Magazine would be just fine :)

  168. PDouglas

    I’m a big fan of Travel & Leisure! (It’s nice to dream)

  169. John

    iPad & iPhone User and popular science

  170. Katy

    I love fashion magazines. Glamour is one of my favorites.

  171. Eduardo Vasconcelos

    I love PC Gamer

  172. Sarie

    I’d love to win a Wallpaper* subscription.

  173. Carina

    I love Elephant!

  174. Alexandre

    Mac World!!! That would be nice!

  175. Mihai Mihaila

    I really like Mark Magazine. Thanks!

  176. Lance Gililand

    The Economist

  177. Lyty


  178. punjer

    economist is my favor

  179. maiko

    looks no girl here… Vogue UK !!!

  180. Johnf

    I love Zinio and magazines. Great service

  181. Christine Petley

    National Geographic has got to get my vote

  182. Mo

    US Weekly, wife loves to read that junk. save me some money, PLEASE!!

  183. Josh

    MacLife for sure. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN!!!!

  184. Mr. Charley

    iPad & iPhone User

  185. Will

    Time to win this time!

  186. DrJSquared


  187. Thomas

    Great way to read Macworld

  188. Paurian

    2600 Quarterly

  189. Karen

    Game Informer.

  190. Tim

    Game Informer.

  191. andrew.


  192. Steve

    Macworld, Digital Photography

  193. Shankar A

    My favourite magazine, which I hope to win, is National Geographic, with its in depth articles and fantastic photographs.

  194. Adamanth

    National Geographic would be great!

  195. Stefano Scaglione

    I’d like National Geographic Interactive

  196. Niels

    my favorite magazine is: Computer Arts

  197. Adrian

    Conde Nast Traveler

  198. Patrik

    Computer Music all the way!

  199. Matthew

    I’d love to win a new subscription. Pick me!

  200. Randy

    Thank you for this offering. I hope to win a subscription to Mac World. Thanks and I love your website.

  201. Yoel

    My favourite magazine is iCreate.

  202. Rob

    National Geographic, good luck to all…

  203. Glenn

    National Geographic!

  204. dave

    I’ve always wanted Men’s Health! Thanks

  205. Woody

    That would be HBR.

  206. Craig

    Rolling stone!

  207. R K Nayar

    my favorite is National geographic…
    beyond boundaries…

  208. MK

    Men’s Journal

  209. Mark

    Consumer Reports

  210. Mick

    NatGeo FTW!

  211. James

    My favorite magazine is Edge Magazine, the most respected videogame magazine

  212. Joao

    WIRED magazine gets my vote.

    Thanks a lot guys!

  213. Randall Flagg

    I love layers magazine

  214. Ray

    The Economist

  215. Davide

    Katachi Magazine ;-)

  216. Hugo

    Car Plus Him please. Thank you

  217. Jacob T

    National Geographic Thanks

  218. Akiko

    I love to read “cross stitch collection” !

  219. yayoi

    US weekly magazine !!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. koo

    WIRED (US) !

  221. bem69

    I would to get an ImagineFX subscription. It has the best reference and tutorials for concept artists/illustrators, which I’m trying to be :)

  222. megan

    Digital Camera World

  223. Nick Morgan

    I like ‘Focus’ which is a science and tech magazine.

  224. David Hemmings

    Would love a free mag subscription ;-) good luck all!

  225. Andrew L

    Wired or Nat Geo

  226. Otmail

    Esquire UK. Thanks.

  227. Elizabeth C

    I’d love either mental_floss or Family Handyman.

  228. EnTerr

    Mental Floss, pls

  229. Shawn C

    I would love a subscription to GQ please and thanks :D

  230. Snehashish

    Poets & Writers Magazine

  231. Paul Dunahoo

    MacLife would be great :D Thanks!

  232. Marianne Schultz

    Thanks for your entries, everyone! The drawing will be on Monday, January 21 and winners will be contacted shortly after.


  233. athleticsfan

    Maxim for me… I just read it for the articles. ;)

  234. Lee J Wurzel Sr

    I love Flying Magazine, and my subscription runs out the end of the month.

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