‘Cycloramic’ Spins Your iPhone 5 to Capture Panoramic Video

If you’ve ever wanted to take a panoramic video of you and your friends without asking a stranger to hold your iPhone for you and turn around in a circle, there’s a new app you’ll want to check out. Cycloramic by Egos Ventures debuted in the App Store just before Christmas and cleverly uses your iPhone 5’s vibration motor to rotate it to capture a panoramic video.

Here’s a video showing Cycloramic in action:

If you’re like me, you may be wondering if that video is legit and whether or not Cycloramic really works as advertised. I purchased the app and tried it out on my kitchen counter and it really does work. You can see a sample video, made by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, of what it captures here on Facebook.

Right now, Cycloramic only captures video without sound though Egos Ventures has told us that an update is coming that will add the ability to capture panoramic photos as well.

Note that Cycloramic’s auto rotation feature only works with the iPhone 5 so if you have an older iPhone model, you’re out of luck. Also, it needs to be used on a smooth, flat surface and your iPhone 5 will need to be case-less for it to work as shown in the video. There are a few other caveats, so be sure to read Cycloramic’s full description before you buy it. Cycloramic’s novelty alone is worth $.99.



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Cycloramic Revolutionizes the way you take panoramic photos and videos! Guided or Handsfree (iPhone5/5s). ▶ GUIDED Mode (All iPhones and iPads): The easiest, highest resolution (40MP) panorama...



Never, NEVER shoot 16:9 videos in portrait orientation. Okay, the novelty alone… And maybe it gets actually useful when you can shoot panoramic photos.

Michael Sapp

Yeah, this may be a great app, and it may take panoramic photos automatically, but has anybody actually thought about how it accomplishes this task? Well it’s simple. In order to get the phone to rotate, the app manually turns on the “vibration” in your phone. The same vibration that you can set calls and notifications to. What that does, is because of the placement of the piece of hardware that vibrates in the iPhone 5, when you place it on a smooth surface it causes the phone to rotate. It’s like if you lay down any phone that will vibrate on a smooth flat surface and make it vibrate, it will move around a little. I bring this up because it seems this would be an important issue with this application. I mean, it’s only meant for “novelty” and I’m sure the developers didn’t intend for people to get quality panoramic shots with this app, but what’s going to happen, is as your phone is vibrating, and using that vibration to make the phone rotate, it’s also affecting the camera. Any photographer will tell you, movement and vibration is bad, unless you are able to accomplish a smooth side to side motion to get a panoramic shot. If you look closely at the phone as it’s rotating, you can see that it’s dancing around quite a bit. That vibration and erratic motion is going to cause blur in the image. At least it seems that way. I haven’t used this app, so I absolutely can not say for sure, I’m just stating what makes sense. If this app costs only $0.99, then it’s not an issue, as just the novelty factor of it alone makes it worth that. Just don’t expect to get great images out of it.


Michael Sapp you are wrong about the vibrations affecting the photos. They stop when the phone has rotated to the right spot, take the photo, then repeat that cycle.

I’m not sure however, if with lots of use, the vibrations (on a hard surface) will eventually harm the electronic connections inside the phone.

I bought the app last night and the quality of the panoramas is good and there are lots of options for optimizing them.

A couple of times the camera stopped turning even though it was on a level ceramic tile.

It seems to have one bug witn my phone.. it says it saved videos (it does pano videos in addition to photos) but I can’t find them. I just reported it to the developer.

All in all, for $1.99 I find it to be a really cool app. Center it on a table and capture everyone in the room.


CORRECTION to my last comment above.
I have found the “missing” videos in an iphone album called Videos.
I was looking in the camera roll where most of my videos are automatically stored.

So.. bottom line: No bugs (so far)


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