20 DEC

AppShopper App Removed from the App Store For Now

by arn

As some of you may have noticed, our official AppShopper App has been removed from the App Store. The App was removed by Apple due to a conflict with some new rules that Apple introduced with the iOS 6.

Current users of the AppShopper App will be able to continue to use the app, and we are working on a new version that we hope will be approved by Apple.

That new version will support the taller screen of the iPhone 5, that I know many have been waiting for:

We don’t have any more details quite yet, but will post more when we can.

Readers should also be reminded that Apple shuts down their iTunes Developer portal around the holidays, so from the dates of Dec 21 to Dec 28th there will be minimal to no activity in the App Store. As a result, AppShopper will also show little activity during that time.

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    The official AppShopper.com app from the creators of TouchArcade.com AppShopper keeps you up to date on the newest App Store apps, sales and freebies. Organize apps in your own customized Wish List...


  1. CJ Dayrit

    Stupid rules. Appshopper is where most of us finds new and interesting stuff.

  2. Adams Immersive

    I guess it depends what those rules are. Do they make sense? Glad they can be worked around!

  3. chalovak

    Damn, that is lame! Hope everything will be fine!

  4. Justin

    I was very bummed when I saw that AppShopper was removed, it is one of the few apps that I use daily. REALLY glad to see that an updated version is in the works though! Hopefully all of this will resolved soon.

  5. Danny Tanner

    I stopped using the App Store after its recent refresh following iOS 6. It’s really sluggish, however it does look much better. I use App Shopper every day and love its functionality. If it goes, I go. I trust that the developers won’t pull a twitter and make something that already worked and looked perfect, an unnecessary mess.

  6. Ed

    I really hope this can be solved – without your app, I wouldn’t spend so much in the app store… stop being stupid apple!!

  7. ben

    I love appshopper, hope it will make a return soon! Also have anyone noticed the slow updates recently with appshopper? I mean the price in the app store dropped or changed but in appshopper it takes a much longer time for it to appear. Any ideas?

  8. giuesu

    Dear Appshopper fans, I wrote to Apple customers service just after having known the removal of Appshopper from AppStore. Really I can’t understand those new rules. Appshopper is the ONLY way to have my ever-bought-apps in one single app. Apple doesn’t offer this primary service as good as Appshopper! Apple should see at Appshopper as an affiliate and not as their enemy.
    I think Apple’s policy is going to far and contraproductive.
    Should you miss Appshopper as I do, please send an email to


    Customers support answered me as follows “I have submitted your request for the App “AppShopper”. …. I also definitely suggest submitting a request of your own and urge you to send this link to any other users you might know who might be interested as the more requests that are received, the likelier that they may be implemented.”
    Still hoping that Appshopper may be re-inserted soon!!!!

  9. Paulo

    Does this mean the app doesn’t update prices anymore? Because I just found out that Bastion is selling at €0.89 for almost three hours and it doesn’t show here :/

  10. arn

    No, the app still works. Bastion may have been lagged for unrelated reasons.

  11. Darth Vicente


    Yesterday, I had to reinstall the Appshopper app in my iPhone. I coudn’t restore my in app purchase to remove ads. I know now it will be dificult, but I would like to know when I will be able to do it.


  12. AndreasEdlef

    Awesome that we can still use it though! Use it every single day! Sort of addicted! haha, just kiddin but every morning I check to see what’s been up! Love it, and hopefully Apple will approve the next update asap! :)

  13. Slipp D.

    As much as this conflict sucks, what’s the possibility of an HTML5 app with most of the same functionality? I assume push notifications would be out, but most of what the app currently is could be completely web-based, just in iOS garb (to my knowledge).

  14. Josè

    I saw that Apple removed AppShopper from the App Store only for a problem with the name: they said this (the name) could confuse customers. I think that it’s necessary only to change app’s name to have the app again approved :)

  15. iVivian

    I paid $1 to remove the ads. I will not be charged again for the new version, right?

  16. alex_dlc

    I dont get why Appshopper was removed, but TouchArcade was not

  17. SteveF

    I am glad I already have it and use it daily.

    I hope Apple allows the next update.

  18. Rahul

    I fail to understand why Apple would remove AppShopper and not AppZapp Pro or Appsfire. They essentially do the same thing… Of course, i prefer AppShopper over them due to many reasons.

  19. Phil

    I agree with everyone. AppShopper is the reason why I have spent well over $300 on app purchases.

  20. Tine

    I hope you guys can figure it out with Apple. I use yor App everyday and am glad to hear that current users have no problems (yet).

    THANKS for this georgious App!

  21. Jorge Cerda

    Hope you guys get back soon. Great app, I use it everyday.

  22. Carl

    hope it’ll be approved and be up asap :)

  23. TJ_Moose

    How in the world is AppShopper being confused with the AppStore? Does the Apple AppStore offer a “Wishlist”? No. And only up until recently (within the last 2 weeks), iTunes on the PC didn’t even let you know if your previously purchased app was already bought BEFORE(!) you attempted to restore the app to a new library/device.

    If other “appshopper” style applications are not being treated the same way, then I suppose AppShopper is doing something right. Good thing Apple isn’t going all out crazy and slamming an injunction on the AppShopper website; for if they did that – that would be unsettling.

    It might be time for ARN & CO to invest in some HTML5 web development – that’s how Grooveshark is getting around their banishment from the AppStore.

  24. jojo

    HERE HERE! Appshopper is the only “app store-watcher app thing” I actually use, the rest are all flash, no substance…apple youre costing yourself $$$…LET THEM BACK IN

  25. Mark Paulsen

    I’m glad I already have the AppShopper app on my iPhone. Looking forward to the iPhone 5 support.

  26. mood

    I have submitted several suggestions but got none feedback at all. So I think you guys don`t care about customers. Accordingly, you should be punished, even though for other reasons.

  27. Caeser

    Perfect time to think of Android. we shall be waiting.

  28. Franck

    that’s really a shame. can’t wait for it to be back. for now i have been finding an alternative called Appsfire if that can help the readers

    but can’t wait for appshopper to be back

  29. john creasy

    i spend hundreds of $$$ on the app store due to appshopper. i’m not complaining. :-) apple just shot themselves in the foot. guess they can afford to lose one.

  30. couchman

    Hi there !

    isnt there any other way than the appstore to install the app? Like apple did with their “updatebug app” for the 6.0.1 iOS release and like qwiki is doing it? Did get an invitation yesterday and installed their app over their website !

    Would be awesome. Do like the shown app above !

  31. manufracture

    ridiculous. like others here, AppShopper has been the reason why i’ve spent as much as i have at the app store. i find AppShopper’s search is far superior, as it seems Apple’s store doesn’t search on description text properly. not to mention the wishlisting and price tracking. spent the $ to remove ads without a second thought, just to support the team behind this site/app.

    glad i have it and that it’s still supported. if there’s any way to assist in getting AppShopper republished, like petitioning Apple, etc. please let us all know.

  32. rdlipps

    gluesu, thanks for the link. I just sent my feedback that I have purchased most of my applications because AppShopper was available. I have probably spent between $500-$1000 on applications (mostly in music creation, songwriting , and music theory) so hopefully Apple will take my feedback seriously. I fear Apple has gone a little overboard with these App Store rules for the following reasons: the appstore is a built-in app where AppShopper needs to be found and downloaded intentionally by the user and apps cannot be purchased and installed by AppShopper (the buy option sends you to the official Apple App Store). Why does Apple care how people get to the App Store, all apps are still purchased through Apple and they still get their 30% cut. It’s not like apps like AppShopper bypass the AppStore.

  33. Tom

    - I too have sent a comment to Apple at
    – Hope it helps.
    – I love your app.
    Good luck.

  34. AJ

    I registered my concern with Apple via the link http://www.apple.com/feedback/itunesapp.html

    I pointed out that I have spent hundreds of dollars on apps thanks to finding them on AppShopper!

  35. rekzkarz

    Well, this is another example of how annoying stupid Apple’s policy is — they take a big % of your sale, limit your app (often for no reason, like an internal policy change) arbitrarily, and block ‘open market’ concepts.

    Guess that’s why they are the biggest, most bloated software co ever — uh, except for Microsoft (uh, MSFT is more bloated, less big).

    While I do a lot to bypass Apple’s annoying limitations/blocks (use Dropbox for quickly hearing mp3s, various downloader apps to save stuff off the ‘net, etc), you simply can’t bypass all of them. (Haven’t jailbroken btw.)

    Lastly, re: ‘new’ AppStore — it’s nicer in some ways, but the UI is inconsistent. With horizontal search results (little ‘panels’), you can’t slide quickly across!!! So if you get 250 results, you’ll be scrolling forever! Could’ve been cool, instead is a ‘fail’.

    AppShopper should be a ‘no-brainer’ acquisition by Apple & built into AppStore, but I’m glad it isn’t — b/c it works nicely, quick, and is a daily app for me.

    (Wish Appshopper had “block” for annoying developers & bad apps which I never want to see, and a “deleted” catagory for apps I tried & they failed & I deleted — but want to keep my Appstore rating.)

  36. Leon

    you doing a great job since AppShopper publish. It’s the only app that I’m using everyday. Please make the difference and better to kick out Appstore from their own device :) (mean iOS user will use AppShopper instead of AppStore like they use Google Map instead of new iMap).
    You can do it!

  37. Bobby

    The article says “The App was removed by Apple due to a conflict with some new rules that Apple introduced with the iOS 6.” Rules are not always a bad thing. Why are people so “angry” at apple? Maybe the rule changes will make AppShopper even better! Everyone take a deep breath and relax. Sounds to me like AppShopper is confident their app will return. “[The] new version will support the taller screen of the iPhone 5, that I know many have been waiting for”

  38. Crizz

    Gah! I tell all my friends about this app, hope you all get it back up soon.

  39. Milford

    Theoretical question: doesn’t Apple’s app 12 Days breaks the rule that Appshopper was banned for? I think yes.
    I don’t get Apple thinking sometimes…

  40. JDonner

    I don’t understand why people make such an issue out of it, they can still use the old IPA and to be honest, the appshopper website is much better than the app.

  41. shinratdr

    I can think of more than a couple of reasons:

    1. They have an iPhone 5 and it’s one of their last primary apps that doesn’t support that resolution.
    2. They restored their phone and don’t have a backup of the IPA.
    3. The AppShopper site is arguably much worse. Typing this comment from a phone for example is a pain in the ass because AppShopper has no mobile enhancements on their site whatsoever.
    4. The AppShopper site can’t send you a push notification about updates/price drops. Email isn’t an option unless you want to be constantly cleaning out AppShopper emails.
    5. Screenshots are way easier to parse on the app.
    6. It’s a much better companion to the App Store app on your phone instead of a site with tiny touch targets designed for mouse interaction.

    That’s just what I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure others have good reasons too.

  42. Hamilton

    I’m very sorry to see the app gone from the store… It is also the way I find all of my apps. And unfortunately I hadn’t updated to the latest version more recently so I have an older version.

  43. Hamilton

    It was also very hard to find news when I searched on Google about this… Very hard to find this blog posting so that I could leave a comment.

  44. Peanut Poopcorn

    This app completely destroys all other apps I’ve tried that attempt to do the same thing. I use it ever single day and it make shaving an iPhone twice as fun.

  45. Rogue

    The AppShopper is hands down the best.

    I paid for the non-add version as well. If the app’s name must be changed. I hope the owner/developers of AppShopper will honor our purchase.

  46. Zu

    A friend got an iPad mini for Christmas but we couldn’t put the app on it. Sure, I have it, but that doesn’t do her any good. I wish the front page of the site made this clear – it still has a link to the App Store, but the link doesn’t work. It’s very confusing. A notice underneath the link on the front page would have made this very clear.

    Good luck getting the app back in the store. I’ve bought loads of apps because of it.

  47. KariC

    That is sad. The iOS6 app store interface makes it impossible to find apps. I really wish I had appshopper on the iphone.

  48. Thorz

    Common guys, at least give us a ETA for the app?

    This post was made 1 month ago and we still have no more news about the app comeback?

  49. chris

    Dear devs,

    What is progress of development ?
    Are you waiting for Apple verification now ?

  50. Gonzalo

    Nooooooooooooooooo I search for days and days whit all my accounts , and finally I read the bad news , this was always the first app installed on my phones .

    Look forward for the new version , do it soon !
    Big hug friends

  51. matt

    Any updates???? I need app shopper on my new ipad!

  52. vari

    when u r coming back?
    wating 4 u.
    u r great.
    AII THE BEST for new version

  53. shinratdr

    If you’re sick of waiting for the new version like me (which BTW isn’t Apple’s fault, there are plenty of similar apps still in the App Store.) to get iPhone 5 screen support, you can jailbreak your phone and install FullForce. It’s only $1 in Cydia and works perfectly with the old AppShopper. Honestly, it’s amazing. Here’s a screenshot of AppShopper running with FullForce enabled: http://cl.ly/image/2d1D0p0Y2M1Y

  54. Sky

    AppShopper drives my iApp purchases. I use it daily for information about new products, promotions and updates. Apple, the removal of AppShopper from your store is hurting your app developers. I encourage you to please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

  55. Juan

    Could you upload the .ipa version to your website?

  56. Tech Blogs

    Appshopper has been one of my most commonly used app.
    After updating to iOS6, I have been constantly looking for it.
    Tried many apps but could not find any app with half of features of appShopper which makes me love it even more.

    Waiting for the updated app …

  57. Mr Impatient

    I give up waiting! I can recommend App Price Drop by Apple Sliced as a very good alternative.

  58. Mr. Unhappy

    So unhappy with this, Appshopper was a great app, shame on you Apple…

  59. Jay Wang

    Yeah, why not just put a .ipa download link, all relevant devices are jailbreakable now.

  60. Steve

    I don’t understand why every single other app-watcher service is still available on the App Store, such as app-ticker, apple sliced, and world hot apps?
    Why is appshopper so different?

  61. Shail

    Fullforce (tweak that can be installed on Jailbroken iPhone 5) makes the older version of AppShopper fit for iPhone 5 screen size.

  62. Josh


  63. iAppShopALot

    I agree!!!!!
    Fortunately I still have the old version installed on my iPhone.

  64. Colin

    Please! New app! Very eager to use a revamped version that supports iPhone 5!

  65. John Smith

    Please give us an update!

  66. MIkla

    Update! Update! Update! Update! Update!

  67. Shail

    Provide status update please! Where is the revamped app????

  68. Nathan

    Please, just hide whatever they don’t like. You can fix it later. Give us back some version of the app!

  69. Sam

    Seriously? 3 months now :( Do you even care? Bad way to support your customers :(

  70. Anthony

    I wrote Apple, “AppShopper has been removed from the App Store, and I am writing to request clarification of the reason(s) it was removed, and a re-review of the application for acceptance into the App Store once again.
    I literally use this application every day of the week, more so than any other application on my iPhone! I would appreciate swift and prompt action.”
    Please do the same!

  71. MIkla

    Where my new AppShopper?!

  72. asya

    I accidently erased my appshopper app on my iphone, and cannot find it amongst my purchases. How can I retrieve it?

  73. Ickybod Clay

    AppShopper is among the most important and frequently used apps on my phone. I finally jumped over to iOS 6 and surprise, no AppShopper. Curse you, Apple!

    I wish you guys the best. I’ve spent so much on apps because of your service. If Apple thinks they’re making more money by disallowing your app on the App Store, they really shot themselves in the foot.

  74. chris

    I have over 3400 apps now.
    It’s vary important to me, that in AppShopper I have Wishlist and MyApps list. I must know what I have and what I wanna buy.
    I don’t want to use AppZapp (it has apps importer that doesn’t works, it imports only part of my apps).

    I want AppShopper alive again!

  75. Jessica

    Ughhh I accidentally deleted my appshopper and cannot restore the purchase! When is the app coming back?!?

  76. KaL

    Geeez! Any updates? This is just silly! This App is essential to my tech insight.

  77. JackBond

    C’mon, it’s almost been 4 months. Who do you guys think you are, Capcom?

  78. Andrew

    Most my iDevice apps were discovered by Appshopper. I love my old first gen iPad (with its fine battery rentiontion) Please keep Appshopper for all versions of ios. Apple must know some apps (such as Appshopper) are so important to users that many customers may simply shun Apple if its arrogance keeps toying arounds with pivotal apps for which idevices are bought for.

    Also please provide a way to export/import own/wish apps in Appshopper.

    Hail to the king of apps!

  79. Lukáš Valenta

    This is one applications which I need. Almost of my apps I found thanks to AppShopper! I deleted many weeks ago from iPhone, but now I’m missing it. Hopefully I have it on my iPad. Is there any progress?
    Do you planning Mac app?

  80. Don

    It’s a bummer you guys decided to replace the awesome app shopper with such a terrible replacement. It doesn’t seem to work at all, is always just blank, without ever searching the store.

    Why didn’t you guys just fix the problems with the old app and rerelease it?

  81. Genevieve

    Please give us back apshopper. Since the new ios i lost the app completely. This app was so usefull. Please give us news.

  82. The curious story of iOS app discovery | AppLift |

    […] app to suffer the consequences was AppShopper – the archetypal app catalog – which was removed just a few months after 2.25 was officially set […]

  83. Phusck

    Could you mayby make someplace where we can sign up with email adress to be notified when it is back on the on

  84. Owl

    And now AppZapp have put a report up that they”re taking removing their app from the store as well? Did apple force them like AppShopper and if so why a whole year later? If not, then I wonder why AppZapp would remove itself after just releasing an ios6 styled version of the app (albeit only for appzapp free, I did wonder whether something was up when the others didn’t update a week later like they were going to)?

    AppShopper and AppZapp are the only shopping apps I liked :(

  85. Riccardo Mori » My essential iOS apps — Part 2

    […] AppShopper — AppShopper is an essential tool to keep an eye on the App Store. I use it to search for apps (it’s faster and better than the official App Store app), to manage a wishlist of apps I’m interested in and want to monitor, and so on. Note that I’ve linked to the current AppShopper Social app, but I’m still using (and referring to) the original AppShopper, which I downloaded before it was removed from the App Store in December 2012. […]

  86. The Curious Story of iOS App Discovery | AppLift

    […] app to suffer the consequences was AppShopper – the archetypal app catalog – which was removed just a few months after 2.25 was officially set […]

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  88. twisterjamz

    any word on when this will be coming back?

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