AppShopper App Removed from the App Store For Now

As some of you may have noticed, our official AppShopper App has been removed from the App Store. The App was removed by Apple due to a conflict with some new rules that Apple introduced with the iOS 6.

Current users of the AppShopper App will be able to continue to use the app, and we are working on a new version that we hope will be approved by Apple.

That new version will support the taller screen of the iPhone 5, that I know many have been waiting for:

We don’t have any more details quite yet, but will post more when we can.

Readers should also be reminded that Apple shuts down their iTunes Developer portal around the holidays, so from the dates of Dec 21 to Dec 28th there will be minimal to no activity in the App Store. As a result, AppShopper will also show little activity during that time.



Last Changed: 42 months ago
Rating: 4.00 (138)
Version: 1.4.4
iOS Universal

The official app from the creators of AppShopper keeps you up to date on the newest App Store apps, sales and freebies. Organize apps in your own customized Wish List...



when u r coming back?
wating 4 u.
u r great.
AII THE BEST for new version


If you’re sick of waiting for the new version like me (which BTW isn’t Apple’s fault, there are plenty of similar apps still in the App Store.) to get iPhone 5 screen support, you can jailbreak your phone and install FullForce. It’s only $1 in Cydia and works perfectly with the old AppShopper. Honestly, it’s amazing. Here’s a screenshot of AppShopper running with FullForce enabled:


AppShopper drives my iApp purchases. I use it daily for information about new products, promotions and updates. Apple, the removal of AppShopper from your store is hurting your app developers. I encourage you to please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Tech Blogs

Appshopper has been one of my most commonly used app.
After updating to iOS6, I have been constantly looking for it.
Tried many apps but could not find any app with half of features of appShopper which makes me love it even more.

Waiting for the updated app …

Mr Impatient

I give up waiting! I can recommend App Price Drop by Apple Sliced as a very good alternative.

Mr. Unhappy

So unhappy with this, Appshopper was a great app, shame on you Apple…

Jay Wang

Yeah, why not just put a .ipa download link, all relevant devices are jailbreakable now.


I don’t understand why every single other app-watcher service is still available on the App Store, such as app-ticker, apple sliced, and world hot apps?
Why is appshopper so different?


Fullforce (tweak that can be installed on Jailbroken iPhone 5) makes the older version of AppShopper fit for iPhone 5 screen size.




I agree!!!!!
Fortunately I still have the old version installed on my iPhone.


Please! New app! Very eager to use a revamped version that supports iPhone 5!


Please, just hide whatever they don’t like. You can fix it later. Give us back some version of the app!


Seriously? 3 months now :( Do you even care? Bad way to support your customers :(


I wrote Apple, “AppShopper has been removed from the App Store, and I am writing to request clarification of the reason(s) it was removed, and a re-review of the application for acceptance into the App Store once again.
I literally use this application every day of the week, more so than any other application on my iPhone! I would appreciate swift and prompt action.”
Please do the same!


I accidently erased my appshopper app on my iphone, and cannot find it amongst my purchases. How can I retrieve it?

Ickybod Clay

AppShopper is among the most important and frequently used apps on my phone. I finally jumped over to iOS 6 and surprise, no AppShopper. Curse you, Apple!

I wish you guys the best. I’ve spent so much on apps because of your service. If Apple thinks they’re making more money by disallowing your app on the App Store, they really shot themselves in the foot.


I have over 3400 apps now.
It’s vary important to me, that in AppShopper I have Wishlist and MyApps list. I must know what I have and what I wanna buy.
I don’t want to use AppZapp (it has apps importer that doesn’t works, it imports only part of my apps).

I want AppShopper alive again!


Ughhh I accidentally deleted my appshopper and cannot restore the purchase! When is the app coming back?!?


Geeez! Any updates? This is just silly! This App is essential to my tech insight.


C’mon, it’s almost been 4 months. Who do you guys think you are, Capcom?


Most my iDevice apps were discovered by Appshopper. I love my old first gen iPad (with its fine battery rentiontion) Please keep Appshopper for all versions of ios. Apple must know some apps (such as Appshopper) are so important to users that many customers may simply shun Apple if its arrogance keeps toying arounds with pivotal apps for which idevices are bought for.

Also please provide a way to export/import own/wish apps in Appshopper.

Hail to the king of apps!

Lukáš Valenta

This is one applications which I need. Almost of my apps I found thanks to AppShopper! I deleted many weeks ago from iPhone, but now I’m missing it. Hopefully I have it on my iPad. Is there any progress?
Do you planning Mac app?


It’s a bummer you guys decided to replace the awesome app shopper with such a terrible replacement. It doesn’t seem to work at all, is always just blank, without ever searching the store.

Why didn’t you guys just fix the problems with the old app and rerelease it?


Please give us back apshopper. Since the new ios i lost the app completely. This app was so usefull. Please give us news.


Could you mayby make someplace where we can sign up with email adress to be notified when it is back on the on


And now AppZapp have put a report up that they”re taking removing their app from the store as well? Did apple force them like AppShopper and if so why a whole year later? If not, then I wonder why AppZapp would remove itself after just releasing an ios6 styled version of the app (albeit only for appzapp free, I did wonder whether something was up when the others didn’t update a week later like they were going to)?

AppShopper and AppZapp are the only shopping apps I liked :(

Riccardo Mori » My essential iOS apps — Part 2

[…] AppShopper — AppShopper is an essential tool to keep an eye on the App Store. I use it to search for apps (it’s faster and better than the official App Store app), to manage a wishlist of apps I’m interested in and want to monitor, and so on. Note that I’ve linked to the current AppShopper Social app, but I’m still using (and referring to) the original AppShopper, which I downloaded before it was removed from the App Store in December 2012. […]

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