Realmac Software, Impending, and Helftone Tease ‘Clear’ for Mac

Earlier this year, Realmac Software, Impending, and Helftone partnered to create Clear, a gesture-driven list app for the iPhone with nary a virtual button in sight. I thought Clear had a beautiful and fluid interface and it remains one of my most often-used apps on my iPhone today. I have occasionally wished that I could access my Clear lists on my Mac to avoid interrupting my workflow to grab my iPhone to make changes and RealMac, Impending, and Helftone will be making that wish come true soon with the release of Clear for Mac on November 8.

Clear for Mac will synchronize your lists between your iPhone and your Mac through iCloud. Check out the teaser video to get a peek at it in action:

Introducing Clear for Mac and iPhone + iCloud from Realmac Software on Vimeo.

With a mouse-driven interface, Clear on the Mac won’t have quite the same feel as on the iPhone but it looks like the spirit of Clear is still intact.

The preview video also gives a sneak peek of at least one change coming to the iPhone version in the next update that will also be released on November 8 –– the ability to swipe left and right between lists (at about 0:38 into the video).

We’ve learned that Clear for Mac will cost $15, a price I will happily pony up to get those lovely lists on my Mac and synchronization with my iPhone.

Clear for iPhone currently costs $1.99 and it’s worth every penny (see our review for more details if you want more info before making that $2 leap, you penny-pincher, you). If you have a Mac and have a need to make lists for grocery shopping, tasks, or count the myriad ways you love AppShopper, go buy it now and stay tuned for a closer look at Clear for Mac when it’s released.


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