TodoMovies Keeps Track of Upcoming Films You Want to See

Although summer vacation and peak movie season is winding down, Frankfurt-based Taphive has released an app that will let you keep track of upcoming movies you want to see in what free time you’ll have left once the school year starts. TodoMovies, which debuted in the App Store in June and got a significant update late last month, lets you track upcoming movies you want to see, complete with the option for push notifications on release days.

Using TodoMovies is dead simple. To add movies you want to see, you simply tap on the plus button in the top right corner and enter the movie’s title or a partial title if you don’t know all of it. The search results will get narrowed down the more you enter and then you can just select the movie you want to save from the results list.

Selecting a movie will show you the movie’s poster with two buttons at the bottom. The bottom right button lets you share information about the movie via email, text message, or Twitter, or like it on Facebook. Double-tapping on the poster or tapping on the button in the top right corner will flip the poster view to show details including the director, cast, release date, synopsis, and more. The plus button in the bottom left corner adds the movie to your To Watch list.

On the release day for a movie on your To Watch list, you’ll get a push notification to alert you that it’s now in theaters. Once you’ve watched a movie that’s on your To Watch list, you can mark it to move it to your Watched list by tapping on the checkmark button in the bottom left corner.

Here’s a demo video showing TodoMovies in action:

TodoMovies isn’t only about movies that have not yet been released–you can also save movies that have already been released. TodoMovies gets its information from TMDb, a community-maintained movie database which is also used in Plex, the line of media management software available for multiple platforms.

There is one feature I’d love to see that would make TodoMovies perfect–the ability to get push notifications of when movies on my To Watch list come out on DVD. For example, I’ve missed seeing Prometheus in the theaters (don’t ask me how) and I definitely want to see it as soon as it’s available on DVD. I’d love to get a push notification when it’s available on DVD though it doesn’t seem like TMDb collects this data so there wouldn’t be an easy way for TodoMovies to get this information.

I regularly watch movie trailers, usually through Apple’s own iTunes Movie Trailers app, and frequent find movies that I want to watch. Creating a calendar event to remind me when the movie will come out isn’t always practical and I’d rather not clutter up my calendar this way and TodoMovies hits a sweet spot to let me keep a consolidated list of movies I’d like to see and get notifications on the day they’re released.



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Seems like 2 aspects of this app would be handy:
When’s it on NetFlix?
When’s it on Redbox?

As for Prometheus — I saw it, was ok. Too much CG & derivative of Aliens source material. Had a few stunning scenes, but plot was lacking, & not many ‘new’ surprises — lots of rehashed ones tho.

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