Round-up: Apps for London and the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games kick off in London today and there are plenty of apps to help you stay on top of what’s going on from afar and even help you navigate the events and see the sights of London if you’re lucky enough to attend in person.

First, there are a few apps you should check out to catch live coverage of the events as they’re going on. As highlighted earlier this month, there’s the BBC Olympics app that will offer live video to those in the UK and detailed news and highlights for all other locations. For those in the US where NBC is the only network with the rights to broadcast Olympic coverage, check out the NBC Olympics Live Extra app.

While the NBC Olympics Live Extra app is free to download, it does require that you have a digital television service subscription with an affiliated provider, of which there are hundreds, and use those credentials to log in. The app’s description clearly states that the video you’ll have access to depends on your television service provider, so don’t be put off by the negative reviews from those who expected to see full coverage for free simply because the app is free.


BBC Olympics

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Never miss a moment of the London 2012 Olympics with the BBC Sportโ€™s Olympics app. Direct coverage of the Olympics from the UK, this app will allow you to follow all the action, with daily live...

That’s it for this week here at AppShopper. If you’re in London to see the games, enjoy and don’t forget to mind the gap. ๐Ÿ˜‰



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