24 JUL

iTranslate Voice HD Arrives for the iPad

by Marianne Schultz

Sonico Mobile, the 5-person app development team based in Austria, is at it again and just released a version of its translation app, iTranslate Voice HD, for the iPad today. iTranslate Voice first debuted for the iPhone in May and has been a regular in the Top 200 paid apps in the Productivity category since then.

iTranslate Voice provides on-the-fly voice translations between 15 languages (plus regional variations and dialects of some of those languages) and eight more languages that can be translated through manual text input only. iTranslate Voice HD is exactly like the iPhone version in terms of functionality but has an interface optimized for the larger screen.

iTranslate Voice HD provides decent translations so you can converse, if a little haltingly, with someone who speaks another language. Like its sibling for the iPhone, it has difficulty with idiomatic expressions but is more than capable enough of helping you navigate a foreign land unless you manage to get yourself into some truly odd, Hangover-like situations.

iTranslate Voice requires an internet connection over Wi-Fi or 3G on any device to do its translation magic so keep this in mind if you’re traveling and subject to roaming charges from your wireless carrier.

I find the iPhone version to be a more compelling buy for traveling and using on the go while I envision the iPad version working well for more private interactions where two people can sit down together and both look at the screen. Overall iTranslate Voice is one of the better voice-to-voice translation apps I’ve seen to date and at just $.99 for each version, it’s easy on your wallet as well.

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  1. Antonio

    Magic guys, pure magic! I live in Barcelona, just learning Spanish. This is of immense help to me. Please continue to refine and I will continue to buy

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