Live Wallpaper Offers Current Weather Information and Moving Wallpapers for Your Mac

While the Mac operating system has long offered the ability to change your desktop wallpaper to anything image you choose, showing a live wallpaper with other current information on your desktop has taken a bit more effort, at least until now. Developer Squid Melon released Live Wallpaper in the Mac App Store last month and it works well to liven up your desktop with current weather information and more.

Live Wallpaper works its desktop magic through several different themes to show the time, date, and local weather in various styles over preset images. Some of these themes include moving desktop images, like the Polar Clock theme that features a–you guessed it–moving polar clock to tick away the time while the Nebula theme shows a slow-moving view as if you were traveling through an interstellar cloud. With some of the themes, you can opt to use a picture of your choosing as the desktop image behind the live time and weather information.

Here’s a quick 60-second demo of the Polar Clock, Typo, and Nebula themes in action that I recorded on my iMac using Screen Capture Tool:


For the weather information, you can set your location yourself or let the app determine this on its own. The time and date shown are gathered from your Mac’s system settings and you can choose to display the time in 24-hour format if you’d like.

Each theme (there are 11 available at the time of this post) offers a different style and arrangement of the time and weather information. Squid Melon has stated that new themes will be added over time. I have no trouble finding a theme I like among the ones available but I do wish that the location of the elements included in each theme could be customized. For example, I love the Eiffel Tower theme but the weather information display is in the top right corner and is partially obscured by my hard drive’s icon (I know I can move this but I roll old-school with my Macs and like it right where it is). If I had my way, I’d move the weather display in this theme to the top left corner where it wouldn’t get in the way of anything else on my desktop.

If you want to spice up your Mac’s desktop, Live Wallpaper is a very easy way to do it and at just $.99, it’s an inexpensive method as well.

(If you’re more hardcore and game to take a more difficult route to thoroughly customize your desktop, check out the free GeekTool utility app. You can create custom “geeklets” to show just about any information you want on your Mac’s desktop though it requires significantly more effort to create and customize these compared to using Live Wallpaper’s preset offerings.)


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