Official TouchArcade iPhone App Available Now

There are thousands of games for the iPhone and iPad and finding the true gems among the existing offerings in the App Store –not to mention the new titles that are released every day– can be a daunting task. If you’ve ever looked around for unbiased and reliable game reviews to help you make your purchasing decisions, you’ve probably come across our sister site TouchArcade. While accessing TouchArcade is hardly a chore from any device with a web browser and an internet connection, it’s now even easier for iPhone owners with today’s debut of the official ToucArcade app.

The TouchArcade app offers instant access to the most recent reviews and articles posted on the site, which is staffed with writers around the clock to catch new releases as soon as they hit and offer exclusive previews of upcoming titles. The app also offers access to the site’s forum where more than 140,000 members discuss games and share tips and strategies.

The app’s main view provides links to the most recent posts on TouchArcade’s home page, accessible through the News & Reviews link. Recently-reviewed games that earned the highest ratings from TouchArcade staff are accessible from the Top Reviews link. The scrollable Hot New Games strip on the right (the same list is accessible through the Hot New Games link in the main menu) has some extra goodness behind it – this list incorporates feedback from TouchArcade’s forum members, showing the most highly-rated games that have generated the most feedback and discussion.

If you want to do a little more digging among the most highly-rated games, you can customize what’s shown in the Top Reviews list. This list can be modified by timeframe to show the high-rated games reviewed within the past week to every single one since TouchArcade was founded in 2008. You can also change the view to narrow down the genre and paid or free status.

If you’re already familiar with how our own Wish List feature works here on AppShopper (if not, check out this article), then the Watch List feature in the TouchArcade app will be familiar to you. When you look at the details for a game or a preview article about an upcoming title not yet available in the App Store in the News & Reviews category, a Watch List toggle is available. This toggle will let you add the game to a list so you can stay on top of its release and any price changes or updates it receives, and be notified of any new articles published on TouchArcade about it.

You can create an account in the TouchArcade app, which is free. This account will let you post in the TouchArcade forums and will save the contents of your Watch List so you don’t lose everything if you switch devices.

If you’d rather use AppShopper to keep track of the apps you want or have using our own Wish List feature and already have the AppShopper app installed on your iPhone, there’s an “Open in AppShopper” link at the bottom of each app detail screen. Tapping this link opens the AppShopper app so you can add the selected app to your Wish List there.

The TouchArcade app’s settings also let you receive push notifications so you can be alerted when new articles are published or when there’s a change to an game on your Watch List. A Notifications Times setting lets you specify hours during which you don’t want to receive notifications so the app won’t interrupt your beauty sleep.

While the TouchArcade app is currently for the iPhone and iPod touch only right now (it works on the iPad though does not have an interface optimized for this device’s larger screen), a universal version is in the works.

There are plenty more features in the TouchArcade app that I haven’t covered here but I don’t want to delay you any longer from going to the App Store to download it. Which you should do. Right now. Because the official TouchArcade app is awesome and free. So get to it!


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Got it. It’s got a lot of potential, but it’s quirky so far. I love Touch Arcade & hit the website every day or so.

I couldn’t find the link to make it jump over to AppShopper, either. But it has a lot of options under ‘more…’, but most of them want to log into my other apps, which I don’t want the app to do.

I’d also suggest that TouchArcade app show a few more lines of the review, or allow us to review & comment easier…?

I’ll keep trying for a bit, b/c I’m a huge fan — I expect it will improve. The site improves all the time…


TouchArcade is really a good app and have potential to be among the top trending apps if everything goes right. Had it installed in my iphone recently.

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