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For those who like to shop, there are few things in life more satisfying than finding a great deal on something you want. Though it’s pretty much impossible to find tangible items in stores that are free without applying your own five-finger discount, this is not true for apps. From time to time, some developers get a little crazy and make their paid apps free. But how do you find these apps? While you can be notified of price drops for apps on your Wish List (a topic we covered recently), how do you find out about apps beyond those already on your Wish List? As you might have guessed, AppShopper can help.

First, we already have three RSS feeds set up to catch and list all paid apps gone free for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. These feeds are shown in the sidebar on the right when you’re viewing any page under the What’s New tab. You can subscribe to these feeds using your favorite RSS feed reader so you can stay on top of these apps without even needing to visit AppShopper. You can also get fancy and get push notifications of updates to any of these RSS feeds on your iPhone or iPad through a push notification app like Boxcar or Push 4.0, which we featured in our blog a few months ago here.

If RSS feeds aren’t your thing or you just want to browse apps in a more leisurely fashion, here’s how you can find paid apps gone free right on our site at any time. When you’re viewing the What’s New tab, a row of toggles and a drop-down menu are visible at the top of the page below the row of tabs. You can adjust these toggles to change what’s visible on the page to suit your needs if you’re looking specifically for apps for a certain device or your Mac.

Now, here’s the magic combination to find all paid apps that are now free: using the three sets of toggle on the right, select All between All/Popular, Free out of All/Paid/Free and Price Drops out of All/Updates/New/Price Drops. The toggles should now look like this:

Voilà! The list on the page will change to show you all paid apps currently marked down to free, the best price ever.

If you want to narrow this down to a specific category, you can do that as well. For example, choosing the Games category will show you all paid games that are currently free. Also, if you’re looking only for iPhone apps, you can choose that toggle to narrow down the results. Of course, choose the appropriate toggles to choose iPad-specific apps or universal apps that are made for both the iPhone and iPad.

Here’s an RSS feed trick you may not have known. When you customize the toggles and category drop-down, you’re also customizing an RSS feed that’s available in the top right corner of the page next to the links to your AppShopper profile.

After you’re done customizing the toggles and drop-down menu to your liking, you can just subscribe to this feed using your favorite RSS feed reader and have it for all eternity.

So there you have it. You are now armed with the tools to take advantage of the most drastic price reduction decisions app developers can make. Happy app shopping and don’t forget to check out our free AppShopper app if you haven’t already!



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Gary P

Thanks! Can you describe what criteria are used to determine “Popular” vs All?



I do not know if prices fluctuate on iTunes for movies, but if they do would love to see a Movie/Music shopper App.


Very useful but the ipad preview images are now huge cause of the new screen. Any chance you guys can “resize” the images.

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