How to Use the Wish List Feature on

With more than 500,000 apps in the iOS App Store and nearly 10,000 in the Mac App Store, finding and keeping tabs on apps you may want to buy in the future can be a daunting task. However, we’ve developed an easier way for you to do this right here at If you’re new to AppShopper or just want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of what we offer, this article describes how to use our Wish List feature.

First, you need an AppShopper account. Yes, it’s totally free. All we need is a valid email address and a password of your choosing. We won’t sell your email address or do anything else dastardly with the information you provide or send you spam. Use the Register link in the top right corner and fill out the form on the next page (the Register and other links are not visible here on our blog pages – you’ll need to go to the What’s New tab to see them).

You’ll receive an email after you’ve created your account to verify your email address. Click on the link in that email to finish setting up your account and then you’re done!

Next, when you’re browsing the lists on our What’s New pages, every app shown has two check boxes: Own It and Want It. Checking the Want It box adds that app to your Wish List. (We’ll cover the Own It box and what it does in a later article.)

Now, click on the purple Wish List tab at the top of the page. All of the apps you’ve marked as Want It will be listed here.

Now here’s the beautiful part – find the Price Drop Notifications dialog box in the sidebar below the ads:

Here’s where you can choose to get an email alert when the price of an app on your Wish List drops. There’s als an option here to choose to receive an email when an app on your Wish List is updated, which can be handy when you’re waiting for a developer to release a universal version of an existing iPhone app, for instance.

Below the Price Drop Notifications dialog box in the sidebar is the Share My Wishlist box. Here’s where you can automatically share your Wish List through a dedicated URL (don’t worry – that URL won’t allow access to your account settings to anyone else) via Facebook, Twitter, or even an RSS feed. You can also just copy the URL and email it to someone – a useful feature to share the apps you want to buy before your birthday or any other major holiday you celebrate.

We also have a free universal AppShopper iOS app through which you can also view and add to your Wish List. Our app can also notify you of price drops and updates to the apps on your Wish List via push notifications. This can be in addition to or instead of email notifications – it’s your choice.

That’s it! You’re now an Wish List expert. If you have any trouble using our site or app, please submit your issue using this contact form.



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The official app from the creators of AppShopper keeps you up to date on the newest App Store apps, sales and freebies. Organize apps in your own customized Wish List...



Hmmm…the sort by my rating doesn’t appear to be working. Any word on when it will be fixed?


I love it. I also think Appshopper is great. Lastly, if you added a blocklist, I’d be a user. (First dev I’d block is Zynga, who’s apps have zero interest for me.)

Dave M.

@Mj: I emailed them about that bug. Hopefully they will fix it shortly. For me, it’s the feature I use the most here. I sort in ascending order so that I can see what apps I haven’t rated yet. With this sorting bug, I can’t see items I haven’t rated yet.

I wouldn’t mind a block list either. That’s really a great idea!

I currently just get the RSS feed for New Popular. That list shows just the right number of new apps to the store. If it misses any apps, the review sites I follow usually picks them up.

Bob B

Nice. Appshopper is wonderful.

But, I wish that items ticked “Own It” did not appear on my screen. Why would I consider buying an app if I already own it? As soon as I tick “Own It” the app ad should just disappear from my screeen. Otherwise what is the point of indicating that I own it?


Speaking of rating…it would be cool to be able to rate your wish list too. I have several hundred on my list, and it would be useful to keep track of which ones are I “really want” and which ones I “sorta want”.


Mj, Dave,

The My Apps “my rating” sort has been corrected. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Thanks again,


The “My Apps” won’t even load for me. I get a blank page (not even source).

I would like to second MJ’s idea on rating the want list, but with a slightly different approach that could integrate well with your notification emails – a price threshold. There are some apps out there that I simply wouldn’t pay for, but if they were free – eh – I’ll nab it and give it a spin. Others I’d gladly pay 1.99 (or less) for. I keep my eyes on a rolling list and gauge each purchase on popularity, reviews, personal need and the credits I have available for that purchase.

As to Bob B’s point, I think there is merit to seeing what you own in the “What’s New” screen. There are times I want to know when an app I use moderately has been updated or even when it goes on sale. For example, when a favorite holiday app (that I already owned) went on sale, I bought copies for all my friends at work. (Two weeks later that app went out for free, and I felt like a chum, but I’m sure the gesture was appreciated.)

I’m guessing the unusually large lists flagged in my account make it difficult for the server, causing 500 errors when I click “My Apps” or get the “My Apps” feed in the universal app, but I have faith in the App Shopper developers. This site and service are top-notch!


Also indulge me in reiterating the value of wish lists that Marianne didn’t point out. Over the course of the past four years I’ve seen a pattern that every app of general interest goes on sale about 2 to 6 times a year. Additionally, about 1/4 of these apps mark their price down to free as a promotion. Some apps only go on sale once every other year, but still – there’s a cycle.

Another tip if you’d like free apps: Many fantastic apps are free their opening week or day before rising up to their regular price. Anniversaries, holidays and milestones to the developer also mark free promotions. And if a developer is willing to put one app out for free, (s)he’s likely to do it again with a different app, so “wanting” all of that developer’s apps (provided they have decent form and/or function) will ensure you get notified for the next app that goes promo.

Because of the nature of App Shopper’s data gathering algorithm, some of these sales are over by the time they appear on the App Shopper page. Note, however, that even the official App Store demonstrates glitches on these price differences. This emphasizes that it’s the nature of the beast and not App Shopper’s fault if prices aren’t the same as those in the app store.


I wrote them an email requesting them to change this feature sometime ago. Perhaps maybe someone there will read this comment… the wish list is a GREAT feature, but it could easily be SO MUCH BETTER. The original email as follows:

I want to begin by stating that I love the AppShopper application. I have been dependent on it for months, if not years, to email alerts when games on my wishlist go on sale. It has easily saved me hundreds of dollars.

Anyway… I am writing today to formally request a few additional features in regards to the wish list functionality. It is real simple. I would like to setup wishlist/search alerts by keyword. The keyword could be for filtered by any, title, developer, or description matches within the application. The alert could be configured for price notifications, new applications, updates, etc.

The use case for such functionality is very straight forward…

Example 1: Toucharcade (and other sites) are constantly talking about new “coming soon” games, etc. I could setup an alert using a “title keyword” and have the system automatically email me when the game is officially released.

Example 2: A developer discounts their libraries from time-to-time. I could setup an alert using a “developer keyword” and have the system automatically email me whenever the developer has any price drops.

Example 3: Very similar to example 2. Perhaps I am a huge fan of a developer, I could setup an alert using a “developer keyword” and have the system automatically email me whenever the developer publishs a new title.

The links would return to the Appshopper Search screen with the results filtered as expected…

I really believe this small change could make an already awesome application, an absolute requirement for any iOS fan…


Dave M.

@chris: Thanks a million for the Ratings sort fix! It’s working perfectly again. 🙂

You guys are the best!

Gary LaPointe

The Wish List is one of the best features! After checking the price history of a product (here at AppShopper) I can see if the price fluctuates often and for significantly cheaper; if that happens often, I put it on my wish list and wait for the price to drop. If the price doesn’t appear to fluctuate often then I decide if I want it “now” or if I should wait (and then I put it on the list).

Some apps never change: Apple apps, Instapaper, the cool periodic table of the elements program. So for that, it lets me know that I should just get it if I want it.

Look at the history for the EA (electronic arts) games for the iPad: Monopoly and Scrabble (and more) they are $9.99 and go on sale all the time; both have changed price 30+ times in the last year and of that 5 of those times each went to 99 cents! I actually owned these iPad games ages before getting an iPad, I knew I’d want them so I put in a price alert. I think I got them both for 99 cents.

I’ve actually bought a few quality games that I never would have bought because I could get them for 99 cents. A few, I’ve never really played, I’m sure glad I didn’t pay more for them ($1.99 or $9.99).

I just came here when considering a $9.99 Macintosh App, but I don’t “need” it right now, and I see it’s been as cheap as $1.99 (and many times less than $5) so I’ll let AppShopper watch for me and if it hits a dollar or two, I’ll pick it up right away. If it’s more and I feeling the need for it, it’s still better than $9.99.

And use the AppShopper App occasionally so that it updates your list to know what you’ve purchased (when it knows you’ve got it, it takes it off your wish list).

I came here once to look something up and it told me I already owned it! So I went and redownloaded it for free 🙂


Funny, I view Wish List and its customizable email/rss reminders as the core function and service of this site. It blows my mind that we’re having it explained to us.

As someone who paid to remove the adds from the Appshopper app, I have some feedback:

It would be great if you could rearrange the categories along the bottom of the Appshopper App in the same way you can in the default iTunes iPhone app.

For example, the “More” category hides my most-used features of (“Top 200” and “Search”), while stuff I never use (“Popular”, “What’s New”, and most egregiously “My Apps”) is placed prominently at the top. I use Top 200 to discover what is both trending up and highly rated. I use search to add apps I’ve heard/read about elsewhere to my wish list.

Sorting/browsing in the “Popular” and “What’s New” categories provides nebulous, and often similar, results. Could these be combined? I can’t think of a use-case for “My Apps”. Why would someone want to use this when the official App Store app does it significantly better? In addition, adding your own apps is either laborious data entry or requires downloading, installing, and running software on your computer. It would be ideal to just run a scan of iOS, like the SongKick concert app that scrapes your iTunes library to track musicians. (I know this may not be possible technically, but I’m commenting from a perspective that prioritizes user experience.)

Finally, I think it’s odd that the Appshopper app doesn’t have this blog in the “More” section. Seems like it would be a logical fit and easy to do, no?


@Dan The Apple App store doesn’t do it right. I still need to reference App Shopper. For a brief week, the App Store and my iPad stated “Download” on apps that I owned but hadn’t downloaded to my device/computer. Now they all just list the price. I thought this bug was global and not just isolated to my account, but your post has proven that wrong… and I’m still getting errors on the “My Apps” appshopper page *sigh*. I wish we had a way of knowing that when contact the developer that he received the message.


By “Download” I meant “Install”. It’s been so long since I saw the button say that, that I’d forgotten it.


I use the wish list all the time, but I’ve discovered a little bug when using the AppShopper Importer.

Let’s say I’ve got an app in my wish list, and I purchase it from iTunes on my Mac at home. If I haven’t manually gone to and updated the app with either “Bought it” or “Own it”, and then I use the importer, the importer says “0 new” and the app stays in my wish list.

With a big wish list like mine, it’s a huge pain to go tracking down every new app that I’ve purchased within my wish list and update every single one – sort of defeats the use of the importer after the first use.


Oh dear, I was so busy making sure that was really what happens that I forgot another annoyance with the wish list: sorting by “Last Updated” sorts by *when I added it to the list*, not when the app last saw an price drop/update; this sorting oddity also occurs in the My Apps tab.

It really makes no difference to me when I added an app, I just want to know if it’s on sale or if I should update it to get the latest features/bug fixes.

Gary LaPointe

I agree with someone above, I’d like a few more options:

– I’d like announcements of new products.
-When any product I don’t own drops below a certain price.
I think I’d need to set this per vendor for price drops. A company like Electronic Arts I want to know if it’s less than $2, but for Garmin GPS or something like that, I’d need to set it for $15 or something higher.

– I’d like to know about new Spanish Apps or programs about Costa Rica.
Maybe with the ability to set a certain price minimum; I don’t really care about $50 apps 🙂

Than k you for listening.


@Paurian: You might want to contact Apple about that. You should also have lists in the official app store of apps you’ve downloaded, but are not longer on your device.


Just a feature wish related with AppShopper iOS app: I would like to be able to list and add wishes all my applications, MacApp store and iTunes store, not only iTunes store.

(sorry about my english, it’s not my mother tongue)


Great app…I agree a block feature would really be an advantage.


I’m trying to remove an app from this wishlist (Portastudio). It may be suitable for others, but I use garageband as my go to app. How do I remove Partastudio from the wish list?

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