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Round-up: Unique iPhone Clock Apps

by Marianne Schultz

Though the iPhone comes with a clock app out of the box, this hasn’t fazed developers one little bit from trying to provide a better alternative (a search of the App Store here on AppShopper for “clock” yields over 1,000 results). On its face (see what I did there?), making a clock app unique seems kind of difficult – how many different ways are there to tell the time and set an alarm to wake you up? But there are a few clock apps that have stood out from the crowd recently.

First up is a new release from AppAnnex, Tap Alarm Clock. It offers a clean, simple interface with one of the easiest-to-use alarm setting mechanisms I’ve seen. To set the alarm, you spin a virtual dial reminiscent of an iPod click wheel to select the desired time. Tapping and holding at a specific clock position on the virtual dial will automatically set the alarm for that hour.

Here’s a demo video showing it in action:

Tap Alarm Clock lacks the ability to set multiple alarms or change the alarm sound but it works very well if your alarm needs are straightforward and you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/productivity/tap-alarm-clock”]

Siri on the iPhone 4S seems to have prompted even more interest in apps that recognize speech and talk back to you and alarm clocks are no exception. Crop Duster Media released Wake Smarter late last year and it offers a plethora of alarm features plus the ability to read nearly anything to you when you wake up. You can choose to hear RSS feed updates, upcoming events on your calendar, posts from your Twitter and Facebook feeds, the weather forecast, and more.

Wake Smarter can also listen for your “magic word” (like Studio Heat’s Kei, which debuted in early 2010) and respond to a list of preset commands to tell you the current time and date, your upcoming calendar appointments, set an alarm, and more, a handy feature if your iPhone or iPad isn’t within easy reach.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/utilities/wake-smarter-–-the-voice-controlled-alarm-clock”]

Last but not least is Silent Clock, an unusual yet innovative clock by developer 10-sor that will tell you the time without requiring you to even look at your iPhone, a useful function in situations when picking up your iPhone and looking at the screen is inappropriate, such as in meetings or at a movie theater. How does it do this, you ask? By using the iPhone’s vibrate motor and a Morse-code like, um, code. The code looks a little confusing at first but it makes sense once you feel it in action.

The app automatically makes your iPhone vibrate every quarter of an hour in a two-step sequence. The first step in the sequence denotes the hour and the second denotes the minutes (on the hour and at 15, 30, and 45 minutes after). So, 1:45 pm will be denoted with a single vibration followed by three more vibrations in a row.

The code still requires you to have a general sense of the time of day since the codes are the same for some hours of the day to avoid being too complex. To use Silent Clock, you need to open the app and leave it open without locking your iPhone and then place it in a pocket so you can feel the vibrations.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/utilities/silent-clock”]

We have a few promo codes to give away, including two codes each for Tap Alarm Clock and Wake Smarter. To get a promo code, all you need to do is comment on this post and state which app you’d like. UPDATE: All codes have been taken. Only one code per person and be sure to use your real email address (it won’t be visible to others) so we can send you the code. These codes are valid in the U.S. App Store only.


  1. Travis

    I think that the Wake Smarter App seems like the most interesting of all. I’d like a promo code for thay one, thanks!

  2. Andreas Edlef

    Out of all honesty, I usually don’t look for Alarm Clocks – don’t even have one on my wish list, but this sounds too cool to not try out! – They all look really sharp, especially the Tap Alarm Clock. If it’s possible, then I would really like a promo code for the Wake Smarter app – that one sounds really interesting. Thank you very much! I love AppShopper – and I kid you not, I am on here checking for updates several times throughout the day .. Definitely an App’aholic right here. :)

  3. Andreas Edlef

    Wait! You know what. Let someone else have my promo code. – Someone that would actually benefit from this. – But thanks a lot for the offer! (:

  4. Marianne Schultz

    Thanks for your comment, Travis! Check your email for a code. :)

  5. Marianne Schultz

    Thanks for your comments, Andreas! And I already sent the code so check your email. :) Enjoy!

  6. Andreas Edlef

    Hey Marianne! Thank you! Just got it, but I’ll wait until tonight to redeem it, just in case someone else comments and would like it. – So feel free to forward mine to the next in line (in case someone asks for it before .. let’s say 8 pm) – Either way it’s appreciated! Thank you. :)

  7. Ankur Agarwal

    I like all the apps. Promo code for any of them would work. :D

  8. Travis

    When I try to enter the code, it tells me “The offer associated with that code has expired”. No problem though. Love the blog, love the updates. Thanks!

  9. Sandra

    Tap Alarm Clock, Tap Alarm Clock, Tap Alarm Clock!!

    I’ll give that baby a good home since no one seems to want it. :)

  10. Marianne Schultz

    Thanks for your comment, Sandra! Please check your email for a promo code. :)

  11. Marianne Schultz

    So sorry about that, Travis! Please check your email for a replacement.

  12. Marianne Schultz

    Thanks for your comment, Ankur! Please check your email for a code. :)

  13. david aziz

    What is wrong with the alarm clock on the iphone utilities. Easy to use integrated and reliable. Am I missing something?

  14. Jim Eaves

    I am a clock collector, real and digital. I would love a promo code for the Wake Smarter App. Thanks.

  15. john

    I would love to have a promo code for the Wake Smarter App. Thanks.

  16. gui

    if there is a code free I am a candidate, any :)

  17. Hubert

    Hi. I also would like a promo code please. Love clock apps :)

  18. bobo

    Tap Alarm Clock for me

  19. Joe Ravn

    Wake Smarter seems like a great idea, would love a promo code. Thanks!

  20. Ernie

    Would really love the Tap Alarm Clock app :)

  21. Mark Owen

    All three look worthwhile additions to the clock collection…

  22. Marianne Schultz

    To everyone who commented after 8:15 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, February 7, all the codes have been taken and we have no more to give away, unfortunately! (The post was updated at that time to note this.)

  23. chicov

    Sure would like to get Tap Alarm Clock. Promo Code please.

  24. MWill

    I am interested in the Wake Smarter app and would like to have a promo code. Many thanks.

  25. rekz

    I don’t have it, but I dloaded Jimmy Fallon’s other (free) app & think it’s hilarious.
    He has a new app for .99c called “Jimmy Fallon’s Wake Up Call” where your phone acts like it’s calling you, and then Jimmy says some funny stuff.

    I’m surprised this didn’t make the list — it’s pretty darned unique AND funny!

  26. Ken Brussack

    Possible more codes could be issued?
    Looking at Wake Smarter app.
    Thank you very much.

  27. Keith

    I downloaded “Wake Up Sleep Head” by Keith Sykes from iTunes for my wakeup song. The “Alarm Clock” app woke me up this AM at O’ dark 30.

  28. zen

    For me the most unique Clock is Talking Clock by Mobo Studio.
    It can tell you time even if it’s in background mode – awesome.

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