Softmatic’s ‘Pick’ Makes Color Identification a Breeze

If you’re in marketing or website design and frequently need to find the exact value for a color on the web or in a digital document, Sofmatic’s new Pick application for the Mac is a great choice at the best price ever: free.

Once opened, Pick resides in the menu bar on your Mac and can be activated with a click or a hotkey combination. A virtual loupe lets you home in the color you’d like to identify and left-clicking with your mouse will copy the revealed value to your clipboard for pasting elsewhere. You can choose from several color formats to suit your needs.

Pick is a lightweight application that weighs in at just half a megabyte. It debuted in the Mac App Store earlier this month and requires Mac OS 10.6 or higher and a 64-bit processor.

(For you Mac OS experts out there, yes, Mac OS X includes a color picker app out-of-the-box called DigitalColor Meter. While it offers the same basic functionality and doesn’t require a trip to the Mac App Store to get, its interface isn’t quite as slick and it isn’t as easy to invoke without a hotkey combination or menu bar shortcut.)

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Softmatic® Pick™ is a handy little color picker with a loupe. It sits in the status bar on top of your screen and is invoked with a hotkey. Using Pick is simple: You launch the loupe with...

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George Kaplan

Thanks for covering Pick on Perhaps you’d like to know that effective today all our apps on the Mac AppStore are available for free. This includes our popular Barcode Maker, our Gradient Pro and other tools and apps. Enjoy!

Regards, George Kaplan

Conferencista Mexicano

Great, I was just looking for a tool like that.

I want to modify my website’s theme and this tool will come in handy 🙂

Fist time I post, I really like your website.


I don’t find the developer or the app when I go to the app store – the link fails as does a manual search

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