CES 2012: Tinké Wellness Tracking Dongle and App for iPhone Announced

Singapore-based Zensorium is previewing its Tinké dongle and iPhone app here at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The dongle attaches to the iPhone’s dock connector, and in conjunction with the app, will record your heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen level through your thumb, creating your “Vita Index” with these data points and tracking this index over time as you use it.

The Tinké dongle has no battery in it and is fully powered by the iPhone. You need to press your thumb against the dongle for 60 seconds, activating LED and infrared sensors, to get an accurate reading. The app shows your current Vita Index and your history in a line graph view. You’ll be able to share your Vita Index with friends and family through the app. Though the exact format hasn’t been defined according to a Zensorium rep, you’ll also be able to export your Vita Index data if you want to share it in other ways or do even more analysis.

Here’s a demo video showing how Tinké works:

I like the concept of Tinké to measure, compile and track health information over time. However, it’s an accessory that you’ll need to be a bit dedicated to use since you’ll have to remember to whip it out and spend one minute with your thumb pressed against it to get a reading every day. Comparatively, I think something wearable in the same vein as the Jawbone Up would be more compelling though I’m still thrilled to see more health-related iPhone devices for consumers hit the market.

The Tinké dongle will cost $100 and its release is planned for this summer.



It is useless. Don’t buy it. Just get free blood pressure app from itunes. Heart Fitness is one that I use, pay 0.99 and it will keep your records too, for free it does all that things with iphone camera. When you put your finger to camera with flash light you can see how pure red color changes to dark red and the rate of that changing can be calculated as you heart beat.


i believe most health fitness apps are “just for fun”, a little novelty etc, n tht’s it…do you really expect an app / phone to tell with 100% accuracy, whether you are drunk, have high blood, etc?


It’s a finger pulse oximeter. You can buy a finger pulse oximeter for under $35. For the extra $65, you’re paying for the ability to document and send the data.

If you’re a COPD/CHF patient that needs to log this data and can’t be bothered to put it in a text document app (e.g. Notesy or even Apple’s note app) then I guess it’s worth it.

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