Navigon Releases Next-Generation Navigation Apps for iPhone and iPad

As promised in September, Navigon has announced the release of version 2.0 of its navigation apps for the iPhone and iPad. The new version includes a new MyMaps feature to allow users to download only the maps needed to save storage space as well as a redesigned menu system. To mark the availability of version 2.0, Navigon has also reduced the price of its line of iOS apps significantly from now through November 30.

What’s new

  • Fully refined and even easier to use UI
  • Free map update for all
  • MyMaps: Install only the maps you need*
  • Fresh Maps XL: Quarterly map data update (In App Purchase)

If you already own any of the Navigon apps, the upgrade to 2.0 is free. After you update, you’ll be prompted to select the maps to download to your device. You can start with only the state or region you need and start using the app right away or choose to download several at once to save you time later. Whatever you choose to do, you can always go back to the Map Manager to add or delete maps as needed. Though you don’t need an internet connection to get navigation guidance, you will need one to download maps. If you’re on a metered data plan, you may want to plan ahead to download maps in advance while you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Navigon’s demo video highlights the new features in 2.0 and also shows how the Map Manager works:

A new map updates subscription is available via in-app purchase in version 2.0. For $14.99 (this is an introductory price that will increase later this month), users can purchase the FreshMaps XL to get map updates quarterly over the next two years.

After trying several different navigation apps for the iPhone, Navigon’s remain one of my favorites. While I appreciate that Navigon wants to make the app’s footprint more manageable on mobile devices where storage space can be at a premium, I kind of miss the simplified approach of having the maps for all of North America available at any time without any need to plan ahead to download maps. However, I’m liking the revised interface so far, particularly how it makes some menu options easier to access, like the turn-by-turn list of directions for your current destination.

With the sale prices in effect to celebrate the release of 2.0, now is a great time to snag the Navigon app for your area. For a full list of all of Navigon’s iOS offerings, click here.


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Is the $14.99 for quarterly map updates for each quarter or a one time charge for two years of updates? Not clear any where.


I emailed Navigon, but a website that promotes their product might be able to get answers better than the individual. I’m wondering which maps I will have if I don’t choose to get Fresh Maps. If I get Fresh Maps, how long does the service last? If I let the service expire, which maps will be able to download? If I purchased the program this year, can I have access to map updates for at least one or two years after purchase date? So many questions that are left unanswered by their website.


I have purchased both the USA and USA/Canadian version. For some reason I do not see any updates available in the app store on my phone for this. I’m hesitant to use iTunes to download it again as I don’t want to end up purchasing it again. Has everybody else been able to update this? Note I haven’t updated my phone to IOS5, I’m on I believe 4.2.1 (jailbroken).


A few thoughts: the apartment number bug is still there.

When you upgrade, you will lose all of your favorites. Get them out of there via email sharing or something, so you can bring them back into v2. No warning to customers.

Navigon started this app promising updated maps for life, now you must pay $15 for two years updates. Not nice.

If you buy the 3D map extra for the USA & Canada version of the app, it’s an over 700MB download (it’s the 3D data for all of North America) – there goes the ‘space savings’!

Zagat is GONE. If you bought this before, your purchase has been purged, it no longer is an option or supported. No warning.

I really hope Garmin steps up, this isn’t good.

Crazy huh? Still the best GPS, but it’s not all good.


Just updated. USA North America

If you purchased Zagat and 3D maps …. they are not GONE. You just need to download them again, without cost, in the Extras section of the App.

It looks like the previously purchased Traffic is integrated into this version.

The FreshMaps XL North America is $19.99 not $14.99 as posted in the article.

Anxious to check it out on the road today.


Correction to the above post.

Traffic Live may still be an added $$ option. It just automatically updated for me.


Zagat is no longer available.

North America cost for Maps subscription is $15, I guess this cost varies depends on which version you use.



Zagat is definitely still there! Upgraded and was easy to restore Zagat, as well as my other purchases. Don’t like the FreshMaps option that Garmin has instituted. Other than that, a solid upgrade. Just need an option to select all if you want to restore all your maps. But I like that I don’t need to carry all the maps that I never use.


I’ve always thought the UI buttons were too small to use when driving. I like the new look in the video, I’m anxious to see how this works in the real world.

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