Crush Apps Publishes Siri Dictation Command List

Jim Rhoades of Crush Apps has published a comprehensive list of dictation commands for Siri, a must-have for all of you new iPhone 4S owners out there. Beyond capturing text, you can specify punctuation, symbols, special spacing and more with your voice as you dictate text messages, emails and anything else in apps that will accept dictated input.

The full list is easily available to owners of his app, Paperless, which I reviewed a couple of months ago. Paperless owners simply need to navigate to this web page and tap on the indicated link to import the list right into Paperless.

An excerpt from Rhoades's list of commands

Paperless is still one of my favorite apps and it is firmly holding its place on the first page of the home screen on my new iPhone 4S. If you like to keep lists, whether they be for items you need to buy or tasks you need to complete, Paperless handles them with aplomb through a streamlined interface. If you own multiple iOS devices, the recently-added Dropbox synchronization feature will keep your lists in sync between all of them as well.

Rhoades also details another hint to add multiple items to a list at once by voice in this blog post – a very useful tip if you’re creating a grocery list as you walk through your kitchen.


Paperless: Lists + Checklists

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Get the app that Macworld says "deserves a spot on your iPhone"! MAKE LISTS OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING Paperless is a simple but powerful app for making lists. Use it to create to...


Patrick Silver

This is not an app, it’s a text file.
Better get the text from a site and save 3 dollars.


@patrick. i’m thinking you didn’t read the article that well. it’s saying he created a list on his app paperless. paperless isn’t just a list of siri commands, it a program with many other uses and well worth $2.99. this was just a thing the developer added as a little bonus lets say.

Patrick Silver

@Jaison. You are right. I was way too hasty. (shaming myself….)

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