Apple iPhone Media Event Scheduled for October 4

Apple has sent invitations to the media for a press event on October 4 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, as reported by The Loop. The invitation image features four iOS app icons and states “Let’s talk iPhone” to clearly designate this event as the much-anticipated announcement of the next iPhone model.

There has been much speculation about the design and features of the new iPhone model but with only purported 3rd-party iPhone 5 cases as a guide, there have been no leaks that provide a definitive view of the actual device. This Is My Next had posted a mock-up of the next-generation iPhone based on information from a trusted source in April, showing a device with a larger screen and a thinner and tapered casing. Our sister site MacRumors had commissioned renderings of the iPhone 5 based on the purported leaked case designs, revealing a thinner and slightly wider device than the iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 render commissioned by

When AppleĀ previewed iOS 5 in June, its release timing was announced as “in the fall” and more news about iOS 5 is expected at this upcoming event.

It is fantastic to finally have an official date nailed down for this event and to have an end in sight to all of the iPhone 5/iPhone 4S rumors. Of course, we’ll post news of what’s announced on October 4 here at AppShopper.



if its gonna be wider THEN MAKE TOUCH KEYS LARGER!!!!!! who designs the keys? elves?


Not to be over-analytic but this could also mean “Let’s Talk iPhone” as it relates to iOS 5 and/or iCloud!
I would love to hear that it is a newly designed iPhone both in and out but Steve hasn’t called me back!
Oh, wait, I’m supposed to call him first!!
“A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”.


Psyched on the iOS5. Psyched on the iCloud. Psyched on better reminders. Will probably upgr to newer phone, since iPhone 4 still zaps my finger w/radiation — but it’s fast & I can’t go back to the 3!

(Recently started considering Android, since it’s slowly edging it’s way into the market, and it’s getting a lot better hardware. Google def needs to headhunt some designers from Apple though, and get a bit more unified. Everything in Beta is cute when you’re playing w/stuff, but when you’re typing your resume in a Beta Google docs & it doesn’t format things right — not as fun.)

I think it’s way overdue for a complete iPhone app dev environment built on the iPhone!!! I mean, is it a computer or isn’t it a computer?


the icon have meaning number 4 its mean 4NOV o’clock its mean 10 o’clock GPS its mean place of present and in call number 1 its mean 1 device is am right


I like how they hid the date into the image: The calendar app (Tuesday the 4th) and the clock app (10 o’clock – October being the 10th month). The phone app signifying 1 update to the phone (iOS 5).


Thanks for clearing up what @moradncis was struggling to say. Let’s not consider his comment an “auto-correct” fail.

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