Quirky Brings Its Community-based Product Development to the iPhone

Quirky, an online community where members can submit inventions and contribute to the development of products submitted by others, has released an iPhone app. The Quirky app is free and lets members complete many of the tasks available through the community’s site including submitting new product ideas and voting on products currently in development.

  • Submit your idea.
  • Browse through other ideas, review them, and vote on your favorites.
  • Earn influence for supporting ideas during Product Evaluation.
  • Use your iPhone/iPad to make sketches, take pictures, and upload them to idea submissions.
  • Follow your profile and your friends.

Several unique accessories for Apple products have come out of Quirky, including iPhone and iPad cases plus a wide variety of kitchen and other household products. Joining Quirky is free and members can earn money for “influencing” a product during development if it goes on to be sold in Quirky’s online store.



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