Navigon Announces Next-Generation Navigation Apps for iPhone

Navigon, the maker of personal navigation devices and apps for multiple smartphone platforms, announced at the IFA conference in Berlin over the weekend that it will be releasing updates to its iOS apps that include an interface overhaul and new map management features.

A screenshot included with the press release hints at the revised interface with a new menu system and a sleeker look. Navigon promises that the new interface will be more intuitive and easy to use as well:

Similar to the newly introduced NAVIGON Flow navigation software in the PND segment, NAVIGON has also enhanced its smartphone apps with regard to clarity and intuitive operation. The new user interface features a clear structure and allows users to switch easily between the individual menus. Furthermore, particularly in relation to the iPhone, menus and the map can be controlled by advanced multi-touch operation. “Innovative functions only lead to increased comfort when they can be operated intuitively,” says Gerhard Mayr. “With our new app generation we are setting standards in this respect.”

Though Navigon has not released any official preview videos of the upcoming overhauled apps, Pocket GPS World captured a demo of the Flow interface on one of Navigon’s own personal navigation device models at IFA:

If this is any indication of what will come to the iPhone and iPad, several commonly-used menu options will be more easily accessible without needing to leave the map guidance view.

The new version of the apps will also allow users to update maps for a fee every two years and save device storage space by offering the ability to download only the map sections that are needed.

Navigon’s iOS apps first debuted in the App Store in 2009 and have been regulars in the Top 200 Paid Navigation apps for most of that time. I’ve personally tried several of the navigation apps in the App Store and have found MobileNavigator, while not perfect, to be the most reliable and accurate the majority of the time for my needs.

Navigon has stated that the updates will be released within the next few weeks and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll feature iOS 5 compatibility at this point given how close we are to the release of this version of iOS.


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The problem that I have is that the Navigon Maps are so woefully out of date that it cannot find even the local restaurants. I find I have to use CoPilot USA to find anything. Either that or the interface is so bad I am searching incorrectly.


Navigon! It’s been years now that the address entry is broken. If there is a Floor Suite Apartment or Unit number in the address within the iPhone contact, it will send you to the center of the city.

That stinks.

Please fix it now or with this update. For now folks are using NavigonNow ($2 app!!!) or WhereTo? to acquire good GPS coords and send them to Navigon. These apps help, but it ought not be so.


PS – Over the last few years that Navigon has been out, I’ve emailed called about TWO DOZEN TIMES, their support is broken.

PPS – it IS a fantastic app, the best GPS app on the iPhone – I’m just hoping Navigon reads this and fixes the big bug … I use the app quite often, it’s fast and well done


JP: I agree with you that Navigon’s inability to parse unit numbers is annoying, but they’re not the only ones. Google can’t deal with it either (this includes iOS’s native Maps app).


I have both the Navigon and Magellan gps apps installed on my phone. The inability to handle suite numbers renders the Navigon app nearly useless. My Magellan app does not have this problem.


I too have been trying to get them to fix the Unit/Suite/Appt number issue for over a year. They tell me to delete the Unit/Suite/Appt from the contact. This is not an appropriate solution. I have seen this same issue with other GPS apps, but not all. I do not see the issue with the Google/Apple map app. The other issue I would like resolved is the inability to paste in a complete address, currently, you have to enter the address in pieces, First the country, then the state, then the city, then the Street, then the street number. Many time I have the whole thing copied out of a web page or something and reentering it is a pain.

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