‘Namesake’ Brings Virtual Community and Real-Time Conversations to iPhone

Namesake, a start-up company based in Los Angeles, has released its app bringing a new social networking service to the iPhone. Namesake provides a virtual community focused on real-time conversations where members can discuss topics relevant to their interests and expertise.

Namesake for iPhone makes it easy to discuss what you love in real-time, wherever you are — whether it’s having a conversation about the concert you’re at right now, getting insider information about breaking new stories or simply asking a question about something you need to solve.

Namesake for iPhone is a fully real-time experience. New comments in every conversation appear on-screen without having to manually refresh. And you’ll never miss a thing with live alerts anytime you’re mentioned, invited to a conversation or +1’d for your contributions.

Discuss what you love. In real-time. Namesake, now on iPhone.

Creating a new namesake account (which can only be done on the web and not through the iOS app at this time) prompts you to link it to an existing Twitter or Facebook account. Once connected, your account will automatically follow all of your Twitter and Facebook friends who have also joined Namesake.

The Home tab shows a stream of all current activity, including conversations, member profile changes and more. Members can endorse one another to essentially build reputations in the Namesake community and “vote up” discussions to promote them, which are also shown on the Home Screen.

Members can also personalize their profiles to define areas of interest and expertise.

The Convos tab shows only current conversations while the Mentions tab shows only mentions of you in current conversations. The red tab in the center is where you can start a new conversation. The Profile tab shows exactly what you expect it to – your profile.

Namesake just hit the App Store yeseterday and there isn’t a lot of activity there at the time of this post (the site has been open for only a few weeks so far). And while it doesn’t require you to create a new log-in for yet another social networking service, it doesn’t feel more compelling than Twitter or Facebook or even Google+ from what I’ve been hearing about Google’s new social networking effort so far. Members can start conversations on any topic and there have been conversations started in the last 24 hours about the Casey Anthony trial and Lindsey Lohan, two topics I have no interest in discussing with total strangers, in real-time or not. Of course, you can choose which conversations to participate in and ignore the ones that aren’t interesting to you so your Namesake experience will be what you make it. If you like chatting with people online – like IRC, but much fancier and without the anonymity – Namesake is at least worth a try.

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Namesake for iPhone makes it easy to discuss what you love in real-time, wherever you are -- whether it's having a conversation about the concert you're at right now, getting insider information...

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The Namesake app for iPhone sounds like microwave social networking with its real time, instant updates and conversations. I like the idea!

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