Official ‘Appshopper’ App Updated, Gets App Ratings, Links to Reviews, More

Our official AppShopper app has been updated, getting several new features including links to 3rd-party app reviews at 148apps and TouchArcade, a way for users to rate apps directly, push notification scheduling and more. Version 1.4 of Appshopper hit the App Store just now though it may take a few hours for it to become available to you depending on your location.

A frequently-requested feature – the ability to turn off push notifications for a period you define, like at night when you’re sleeping – has also been added. And you can now view the Top 200 apps in any category for the iPhone or iPad, paid or free within the app as well.

The full list of what’s new in this update is as follows:

  • Top 200 rankings
  • App Ratings
  • Links to 3rd party app reviews
  • Automatically loads apps when scrolling to the bottom of a list
  • New filters for search
  • Email notification settings
  • Disable push notifications during certain times of the day
  • In-app AppShopper account registration
  • Share an app’s info via Twitter, Facebook, email and more
  • Various bug fixes

AppShopper remains free and is ad-supported. A one-time in-app purchase of $.99 removes all ads forever.

We hope you enjoy the official AppShopper app! If you have any questions or need support, please email



Last Changed: 75 months ago
Rating: 4.00 (138)
Version: 1.4.4
iOS Universal

The official app from the creators of AppShopper keeps you up to date on the newest App Store apps, sales and freebies. Organize apps in your own customized Wish List...



I’m *so* glad you added app ratings! That’s the one thing that’s been keeping me from loving the app. Not it rocks! Well, it will once the update shows up, which it doesn’t appear to be doing for me.


Love this app. Very well done, easy to use.

Suggestion: a way of cliking http links that appear in app descriptions, would be another significant advantage over iTunes. Often developers put a link to a video or a review in the description and you can’t click or select it.

I use this all the time on iPad but never visite the site. I wouldn’t mind an in app purchase with a few bells and whistles. This app’s worth more then Free, IMHO.


@Fabrice – you have an example of an App that has that? I believe we are making all http links clickable already.


Wow what a fantastic update! It’s got every feature I’ve been wishing for – except for one thing: on iPad and iTunes, you can sort search results by popularity, but the iPhone App Store doesn’t let you do that – and it really ticks me off. So I was REALLY hoping that you’d be able to add a popularity filter for search… You’ve got every filter – except>/I> that one! Next update perhaps? I’d love you forever!


 I Love This App!!! It is one of the 1st Apps I ever bought & so glad I did. I never by any App without first putting it in my App shopper to research it. When was it developed & mainly I want to know the price changes since it was released. Like Ms. Packman, it is usually $4-$5, I got it for .99 on weekend sale. It has saved me lots $$ by alerting me when App’s I want go down in price. I check my App shopper a few times a week always checking my fav’s. But now I don’t have to go other screen to see ratings on Apps. I never buy an App without 1st reading others reviews. Great Update! 

Cris Brown

Your One of My Favorite App Shopper
Programs On This iPod. These Search
Programs Make It Easy For App Search
and Shopping.

Finding Many Wonderful iPod Apps
With Many Great Progrms. That Would
Outstrip My Sister’s Old Palm Pilot.


Awesome app. A must have everyone. I always recommend. Keep up the good work!


Hi Arn, & AppShopper.
Absolutely love your website and iOS app. As others have pointed out, I always check the history of an app before purchasing. Your site has literally saved me hundreds of dollars… yes, I have bought quite a few apps :-0
There is one feature request I have which I would LOVE to see. Since I pretty much check your site everyday, it gets quite frustrating to see the same apps over and over and over and over because the developer apparently has decided this to be the best way to sell. I won’t mention specific devs but anyone who checks price drops frequently can probably back me up on this. One dev with his all his video apps…
my god! Just leave it at .99 and be done already!! 🙂
So, could you please add a way to block certain developers and their apps from appearing in the lists. I would be eternally grateful. If there is already a way to do this, someone please enlighten me.

Cory Engel

A friend who just got a new iPhone asked me what apps he should get to start out with. This one was on the list. Now you’ve added the one feature I was waiting for: the ability to see user ratings without tapping through to iTunes.


Great update guys, and I am certainly not complaining over this awesome improvement but … Do you know if it’s possible to include wether Apps have the Game Centre stamp on them?


Can we have the feature of… we can choose the app store of our country. and the data that is retrieved is not from US App Store. If you choose Singapore, it still get the data from US App Store. For example like today, EA is having sale in US but not in Singapore. It is a false alarm for me.


Yes, the true international support has been on our todo list for a while, but it has just been getting pushed back. It’s near the top of the list.



Nice update indeed. However it seems I cannot specify ipad apps only, now I am getting a massive list of apps not relevant to me. Bit annoying really. Also, in a future update it would be nice to do region related sales. For example, a update comes out for Red Alert, but it’s for the US version, not UK. It is annoying seeing the same app getting updated elsewhere but not in my region.

Do these in the next version and it will be the best app ever 😉


Thank you very much for the update and adding app ratings! It will be more easy to find iPad apps that are worthy to download. 🙂


This is the FIRST app I recommend people load on their new iOS device, without hesitation, and I have many other must-have apps. Awesome update!

Sonia Velez

Love love just love the update!! Very happy that you add the rating and the top 200’s.
But it by nice if you can add where you left off. For example if I go to an app that I found on you list. That take me to the App store than I go back to the AppShopper, the AppShopper leave me at the last app I looked at, not starting again at the beginning of the list. Same goes for the search part.
But in all I love this app!!!! I use it everyday!!!!! Thank you so much for making this App!!!!!
Keep up the greart work you doing!!!!

Vague Rant

Update added some nice stuff, but a couple of points I’d love to see:

– Full screen app screenshots. Others, e.g. APP-FREE allow double-tapping screens to zoom in. Essential.

– Search button returned to the toolbar. It’s one of my most-used features, so being hidden under “More” is a minor frustration. Could be optional rather than forced.

– A way to exclude categories from the “All Categories” view without removing them from the drop down. I usually search only for games with AppShopper, but sometimes want to look at the rest of what’s on offer, but the majority is all games, which I’ve already seen in “Games” view. I’d like to simply exclude “Games” from my “All” view.


As I emailed you (Dev’s), this update solidly makes this all my fav app searcher. I was honored and impressed that you’d added all the changes I’d requested (… except a list of dev’s/apps to BLOCK — took me awhile to realize that)!!!
The ratings addition is huge. I hope you generate a lot of money with that alone — maybe more views on your site & more ad views, etc.
I also am not sure the best way to show support, but I happily paid .99c to remove the ads from your app — maybe if 500k users did this that would be a justified reward?
Your app & website compliment eachother excellently.
Obviously I’ve landed big discounts using your app, so I thank you for that as well.
Lastly, Apple should consider buying you & getting rid of the flawed implementation they have made with the AppStore, which functions almost as an obstacle to be bypassed — and has made Apple’s mistake into their opportunity, elegantly creating a workaround that is *great*!


I love your app, it’s in my top 5 favourites; thanks again.


Great update, but I do have to complain about this one thing. Follow these steps:
1. Open AppShopper
2. Tap More
3. Tap Search
4. Search for any app
5. Tap on that app
6. Scroll down to where it says “More apps by ….” and tap on that.
7. Tap on any app in that list.
8. Tap Own It.
The app just crashes.
I haven’t managed to own an app like that. So annoying especially If I want to add more apps from the same developer. Thumbs up if this gets fixed!!


Install this program for a year, still use it almost everyday to keep track new AppStore release item. Very users friendly helps tool!


Love this app and love the new update that lets you see the star ratings. Is there any way to see the written reviews for an app? If not, perhaps this feature could be added in a future update. Your app is super awesome though. I use it everyday.

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