‘Opera Mini Web Browser’ Gets iPad Compatibility

Opera Software, the developer of browser software for a variety of platforms, announced the availability of Opera Mini 6 for iOS today. The latest version of the app features a redesigned interface, compatibility with the iPad and the iPhone 4’s retina display, social network sharing features and more.

I would compare it to walking onto the stage and hearing the roar of the crowd,” said Opera’s, CEO Lars Boilesen, when describing the feeling of letting the Opera Mini 6 browser out on stage in the App Store. “We have put in a lot of rehearsal and clever thought behind the new experience. The Opera Mini browser has always kicked up the tempo when downloading pages; now the browsing flows along to a smooth, easy beat.

Opera Mini promises a faster and less expensive web browsing experience on mobile devices with requested web pages processed on their servers and sent to the mobile device in a compressed format that results in less data usage, resulting in lower costs for those on metered data plans.

Opera Software has posted a video highlighting the new features of Opera Mini 6:

Opera Mini first debuted for iOS a little over a year ago and racked up over 1 million downloads in its first 24 hours in the App Store. Since then, it has remained a regular in the Top 200 Free Productivity apps.


Opera Mini web browser

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The Opera Mini web browser for iOS lets you do everything you want to online without wasting your data plan. It’s a fast, safe mobile web browser that saves you tons of data. New features * Sleek...



Not available from App store right now it seems (10:19am Eastern). Was it pulled or is it just that some US app store servers aren’t updated yet?


Interesting. The app store showed it was still only for iPhone but after I downloaded it and it is definitely universal. I guess the appstore just hasn’t updated the app store info yet but the app itself is updated.

Cen Sin

It’s good news. Opera is my favorite browser for it’s fast loading and scrolling in page.

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