First of Many ‘Tweetbot’ Updates Arrives

Tweetbot, the Twitter app by Tapbots that debuted earlier this month to much acclaim, has received an update that brings integration of additional services and bug fixes.

Version 1.0.2* of Tweetbot hit the App Store this morning and while it’s called only a “maintenance release” the app now includes support for Posterous and Readability. Posterous is a free blogging platform focused on quick and easy sharing of a wide variety of flies, including photos, videos, and more. Readability is a service that allows users to saves articles on the web and read them later in a clean and uncluttered format.

Tapbots published its roadmap for updates to Tweetbot in its blog last week, indicating that landscape support is planned for version 1.1:

The main focus in this release is going to be Landscape mode. One of the thing that makes our apps special is that our entire UI is custom. This means our apps look like nothing else, it also means that we can’t just add a couple lines of code and get landscape support. We have to redesign a number of elements in our UI so that they work properly in landscape mode. This takes time and it’s the reason it didn’t make it into the 1.0 release. Once this is done we’re going to support landscape mode on the Post, Media and Web screens.

Tapbots also addresses the possibility of native push notifications though notes how difficult this would be because of the cost involved. While Apple makes its push notification service available to developers, it is up to developers to host and manage their own servers to communicate with Apple’s push notification gateway, which can be costly given the high volume of notifications needed for a service like Twitter.

In the meantime, Tweetbot works with Boxcar, a push notification app we use ourselves with Tweetbot and other apps and services. Boxcar is available in the App Store for free with ads and can be upgraded via in-app purchase to remove ads for $4.99.

*We know that version 1.0.2 is technically the second update made to Tweetbot though the first was simply a quick crashing fix that came out on the day the app was released.

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