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Resolved: Mac App Screenshots Are Back!

by Marianne Schultz

Last week we noted that screenshots for Mac apps on AppShopper were missing. We obtain all of the app information shown on AppShopper directly from Apple and these screenshots were missing from the feed provided by Apple for some unknown reason.

We’re happy to report that this issue has been addressed and screenshots are now visible again in individual Mac app listings. We appreciate your patience!


  1. Andre Sanchez

    It’s amazing how far mac apps have come. heres another one coming march 26th called dress the royals, I think you’ll enjoy it:)- http://ow.ly/4ivuG

  2. Arthur

    When I visit your website, all the little app icons do not show on the left side. It happens when I use both iMac and iPad. Not sure if anyone report such incident.

  3. Lisa Dee

    Andre – I actually just bought the app!!! It is so much fun! We’ve been cross-dressing the ‘Royals’ all night! The animal heads are too funny – but Kate is stunning with a mustache…I placed the link so you can find it easily in iTunes..Have fun with it!!!


  4. Destry

    God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to fugire this out.

  5. rxkztw

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