25 FEB

‘Agile Reply’ Lets You Respond to Missed Calls Quickly with Text Messages

by Marianne Schultz

If you’ve ever been in a meeting or other situation where you can’t answer the phone but at least want to quickly let the caller know that you’ll get back to them, GreaTaps has a solution. The developer’s Agile Reply app will automatically pull the last missed or declined call from the Phone app and prepare a preset text message to quickly send to the caller.

Of course, you can type out a text message yourself to reply but if you’re short on time and/or can’t spare the attention to do so, Agile Reply has preset messages for when you’re busy, driving, or in a meeting along with a custom message you can set yourself (you can also change the preset messages to suit your needs).

Though the app’s description states that only “one touch” is needed to automatically send a text message to the most recent caller, you do have to press the Send button to actually send the selected message. All in all, it’s still quicker than typing out and sending a short message by hand, requiring a grand total of only four touches: one to open the app, the second to select the desired message, the third to press the Reply button, and the last to press Send. Sent messages appear in the Messages app just like any other outgoing text message.

While there are plenty of apps in the App Store that provide you with templates to quickly send text messages, Agile Reply is the first we’ve seen that automatically pulls the last missed/declined call number to use as the recipient. If you’re frequently in meetings or too busy to take calls, Agile Reply could be a useful tool for you.

[applink url=”http://appshopper.com/utilities/agile-reply”]

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