‘IntoNow’ Brings Audio Recognition to Media Check-Ins

If sharing your location via FourSquare, Gowalla, Facebook and other social networking services is not enough for you, you can also share what you’re watching on TV with incredible ease thanks to a new app highlighted by TechCrunch today. California-based start up IntoNow has just entered the media check-in race with its new app of the same name, one-upping other media check-in apps like GetGlue with a new audio recognition feature that identifies what you’re watching simply by listening to it.

IntoNow uses its own patented SoundPrint technology that matches what it hears to a massive index of video, including live television aired for the first time. Once matched, you can share it via Facebook or Twitter, find more information on iTunes or IMDB, and even add it to your Netflix queue. Activity and Popular tabs allow you to see what your friends and all IntoNow users are watching.

The app does require you to create an IntoNow account, a tactic we find a bit annoying since we’re not quite sure why we need yet another account for a single app but at least the sign up process is not tedious. Identifying a show is as easy as tapping the green television icon and pointing your iPhone’s microphone at a sound source – after a few moments, IntoNow will process the audio and return a result or indicate that the show couldn’t be found.

IntoNow is a free app that’s currently only available for the iPhone though the company is also working on an Android version as well.

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